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A list of anniversaries for the Muppets and The Jim Henson Company.

General Anniversaries


30th anniversary (1986)

50th anniversary (2005)


The Muppet Show

25th anniversary (2001-2003)

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Sesame Street

See Sesame Street anniversaries

Fraggle Rock

25th anniversary (2008)

Fraggle Rock 25 Years Logo

30th anniversary (2012-2013)

See: Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary

35th anniversary (2018)


For me, my most cherished memories of that cherished project are of the once-in-a-lifetime confluence of people who were there to make it possible. So many of them are, alas, no more: Peter Orton who (with Duncan Kenworthy) convinced Jim Henson that it was safe to venture back into children's programming; Jerry Juhl, with whom I had as gleeful a creative experience on its inception as I've ever had on anything in my life; Faz Fazakas -- our very own in-house Leonardo! -- and his extraordinary team, to whom it never occurred, whether I asked for an 18 foot tall Gorg or a six-inch Doozer, to say it couldn't be done; Jerry Nelson, who gave life to Gobo and Pa and the Architect and so many others; Richard Hunt, whose Jr. Gorg will live in our hearts forever; Bill Beeton and Steve Finney, who took my scribbled notions of what the Fraggle world might look like and turned them into blissful reality; Gerry Parkes, and his endearing "Doc"; and, of course, Jim Henson, who tapped three of us to come up with the thing and surrounded us with all of the above to make it so -- plus all the other brilliant talents who, happily, have stuck around to see how all the joy and the care that went into the world of the Fraggles has continued to resonate with so many down through the decades."
Michael K. Frith, Conceptual Designer (Posted on Facebook)

  • The creation of the cake at the staff party was featured on Food Network series Ridiculous Cakes.
  • In December 2017, Funko released Fraggle Rock Pop! Vinyl figures donning the 35th Anniversary logo, including a set of "The Fraggle Five" as flocked figures, limited to 3000 pieces.

Muppet Movies


The Muppet Movie - 35th anniversary (2013)

Follow That Bird - 25th anniversary (2009)

The Muppet Christmas Carol - 20th anniversary (2012)

The Dark Crystal

25th anniversary


25th anniversary

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