Bendy Toys released a series of bendable Muppet dolls in the UK in 1977 and 1978. The dolls were made of foam latex with a bendable wire structure inside. The dolls came in both large and small sizes. Most of the characters' clothing was made of fabric. The downside to the Bendy toys is that the soft latex foam tends to turn hard and crumble after several years.

The following characters were made:

  • Animal (large, small)
  • Fozzie Bear wearing checked trousers, braces, bowtie and hat (small)
  • Fozzie's head
  • Fozzie "Gripkin"; a very small foam Fozzie that clings to something
  • Gonzo, wearing purple tuxedo (large)
  • Kermit (large)
  • Kermit wearing white trousers, red tux with yellow stripes and blue bowtie (small)
  • Kermit "Gripkin"; a very small foam Kermit on a ball that clings to things.
  • Miss Piggy, wearing white dress (large)
  • Miss Piggy, wearing blue dress and hat (large)
  • Miss Piggy, wearing karate costume (large, small)
  • Rowlf wearing top hat and bowtie (small)
  • Statler's head (movable)
  • Swedish Chef (large)
  • Waldorf's head (movable)

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