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Bluna is a citrus soda produced by Mineralbrunnen Überkingen-Teinach AG, a German soft drink company. The orange-flavored soda was first sold in 1952. It's now produced in four flavors -- orange, lime, lemon and mandarin orange.

In 1981, four different Muppet Show 0.3 liter glasses were produced as premiums. Each glass featured a cartoon of Muppet characters with a word balloon, offering advice to kids about how to play safe in an urban neighborhood. The other side of the glass featured the Bluna logo, with a drawing of an orange tree. The glasses read "Copyright Jim Henson Associates Inc. 1981."

The set includes:

("I'm riding with my lights on - applause, applause!")
  • Miss Piggy: "Kein Schwein geht bei Rot über die Straße."
("No pig crosses the street on a red light.")
  • Fozzie Bear: "Das Schönste an der Schule ist wenn man gut und sicher nach Hause kommt..."
("The best thing about school is when you're getting home safe and sound...")
  • Statler and Waldorf: "Wer auf der Strasse Ball spielt, weiß wohl nicht, wie ein Fußballfeld aussieht, wie...?"
("Those who play ball out on the street probably don't know what a soccer field looks like, right...?")