In 1997 GlassMasters, headquartered in Richmond, VA, created a Kermit Tiffany style lamp under the Kermit Signature Collection label.

The following is taken from the lamp's Certificate of Authenticity:

Kermit the Frog has long been known to light up the life of his fans. Now for the first time ever, Kermit illuminates the traditional Tiffany style lamp, adding a joyous decor statement to any room. The Kermit lamp shade and base design were created by the artists at Jim Henson Productions. Glassmasters has replicated this design, closely duplicating both the color and texture of the glass. As part of the Kermit Signature Collection, each phase of this creation was completed under the creative guidence of Henson Artists.

The glass is made in the USA, faithfully crafted just as it was for Tiffany Studios. To ensure the integrity of the original design, a palette of over ten different hues of glass has been specially selected. Each piece of stained glass is cut and joined by hand with copper foil. The base is made of French Bronze, a white metal with bronze patina.

Glassmasters also created a suncatcher of The Muppet Parody American Gothique using ancient traditions of rolled colored glass to prevent fading in the sun. Glassmasters went into liquidation in 2005.