Fisher-Price produced the first set of Muppet Show plush toys, beginning in 1977. The packaging design used imagery from The Muppet Theatre, including the curtains, the footlights, the backstage area and the stage door. The color scheme for each character's packaging was also carried over in the packaging for Fisher-Price's Muppet Show Stick Puppets set.





Also in 1981, Fisher-Price released the first set of Dress-Up Muppet Dolls, with outfits sold separately.


Matt 220

Fisher-Price's Kermit doll (right) on Fraggle Rock.

  • The Animal hand puppet had a trigger inside his head to make his eyes close. The Animal puppet was rereleased by Igel in 2000, with a new costume.
  • Unlike the other puppets and plushes, the Fozzie Bear plush is not in scale with the others.
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