Over the years, many licensed Muppet postcards have been produced, some as promotional items and some for retail sale.

Promotional postcards

Postcards were distributed in the 1950s by WRC-TV to promote Sam and Friends. Later, Henson Associates sent promotional postcards to the press and friends to announce the air date of the pilot The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence. During the run of The Muppet Show Henson Associates also distributed a promotional postcard in response to fan mail.

Retail Postcards

Art of The Muppets

This series of postcards was produced for The Art of The Muppets exhibit, which debuted in 1979. The reverse side of the postcards features lettering from posters promoting the exhibit. The postcards are © Henson Associates, Inc.

Muppet Parodies

Muppet Parodies: The Sincerest Form of Flattery is a series of postcards published by Pyramid, Leicester, UK. The reverse side of the postcards features a small image of Kermit wearing Groucho glasses. The postcards are © The Jim Henson Company 2001.

Disney postcards

Postcards sold at Disney theme parks, both before and after Disney's acquisition of The Muppets.

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