Tomy produced several lines of Muppet wind-up toys in 1983.

Muppet Bathtubbies

The Bathtubbies line of swimming wind-up toys pictured Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear enjoying the water.

Muppet Flip Floppers

The "Miss Piggy Swine Trek Flip Flopper" is a two inch model of the Swinetrek which spins around in circles. The top hatch opens, and First Mate Piggy pops out.

The "Animal Racer Flip Flopper" has Animal riding on a race car.

Muppet Pop Overs

"Miss Piggy Karate Champ Pop Over" winds up, and then Miss Piggy flips over, landing on her feet again.

The "Gonzo the Great Pop Over" does the same, with Gonzo landing in a handstand.

Muppet Pop Ups

"Animal Drummer" features Animal popping out of a cannister, holding his drumsticks. The cannister is decorated with images of Animal, Floyd Pepper, Zoot and Dr. Teeth jamming.

"The Great Gonzo Shark Escape" features Gonzo popping out of a cannister, swimming away from sharks.

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