Several Muppet performers, designers, writers, composers, or relatives, in addition to cameos in Muppet/Henson productions, have occasionally ventured into on-camera acting in other films and television productions, which may or may not also use their artistic skills. A handful of performers have had significant "face" acting careers before, after, or during their Muppet careers, while others have only appeared on-camera once or twice. For the sake of brevity, stage roles and commercial appearances, as well as any voice only roles, are not included. Performers who were primarily on-camera actors and puppeteered once or twice (Marilyn Sokol, Rhonda Hansome, etc.) are not included.

John Alexander

Pam Arciero

Anthony Asbury

  • Out of Sight (TV) as Jazz Roberts in "Guitar Blues" (1997)

Robbie Barnett

Jennifer Barnhart

Bill Barretta

Gilles Ben-David

Tim Blaney

Kevin Bradshaw

Fran Brill

Julianne Buescher

  • Howard Beach: Making a Case for Murder (1989 TV movie) as Theresa Fisher
  • Mr. Potato Head Show (1998, TV) as Flower Lady
  • Resculpting Venus (1999 short film) as Kate Perris

Tyler Bunch

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Kevin Clash

Lyle Conway

Richard Coombs

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

Olga Felgemacher

Myra Fried

Peter Friedman

  • You Better Watch Out (1980, film) as Mr. Grosch
  • Prince of the City (1981, film) as D.A. Goldman
  • Daniel (1983, film) as Ben Cohen
  • The Seventh Sign (1988, film} as Father Lucci
  • Brooklyn Bridge (1991, TV) as George Silver (regular)
  • Safe (1995, film) as Peter Dunning
  • The Heidi Chronicles (1995, TV movie) as Scoop Rosenbaum
  • I Shot Andy Warhol (1996, film) as Alan Burke
  • Law & Order as Harold Jensen in "Attorney Client" (2002)
  • Someone Like You (2001, film) as Stephen
  • Baby Bob (TV) as Patrick in "The Tell-Tale Art" (2002)
  • Two Against Time (2002, TV movie) as Robert Portman
  • Power and Beauty (2002, TV movie) as Sam Giancana
  • Without a Trace (TV) as Damon in "Prodigy" (2003)
  • King of the Corner (2004, film) as Arthur Wexler
  • Heist (TV) as a rabbi in "Strife" (2006)
  • Unconscious (2006, film) as Father William
  • Spinning Into Butter (2006, film) as Jay Salter
  • The Savages (2007, film) as Larry

Louise Gold

  • For 4 Tonight (TV) as Maureen Bedford (one episode, 1983)
  • Laugh...? I Nearly Paid My License Fee (1984, BBC Scotland)
  • Rachel and The Roarettes (TV) as Bootleg Bev (1985)
  • Joint Account (TV) as Audrey Parrish (one episode, 1989)
  • Julia And Company (TV) (1986)
  • City Lights (TV) as Mrs Ford (BBC Scotland, one episode, 1990)
  • Rita Rudner (TV) (one episode, 1990)
  • The House of Eliott (TV) as Gwendoline, the Duchess of Bridgewater (one episode, 1992)
  • The Bill (TV) as Ginny Sharman in "Alone" (1995)
  • Alexi Sayle's Merry-Go-round (TV) as Anna Chessington (one episode, 1998)
  • Doctors (TV) as Louise Hannon (one episode, 2002)
  • The Alan Clark Diaries (TV) as Thatcher (three episodes, 2004)
  • Gina's Laughing Gear (TV) as Simon Cowell's Mother (Series 1 Episode 2 "Spoof", 2007)

Heather Henson

Jim Henson

Richard Hunt

Mark Jefferis

  • The Tripods (1985, TV) as black guard in series 2, Episode 2

Frank Kane

Tim Lagasse

Bruce Lanoil

Peter Linz

Arlene Lorre

Rick Lyon

Pons Maar

Noel MacNeal

Jim Martin

Drew Massey

Joey Mazzarino

Alison Mork

Brian Muehl

Jerry Nelson

  • Naked City (1958-1963, TV) as an extra (as cited here)
  • The Defenders (1961-1964, TV) in speaking role
  • See also Jerry Nelson Cameos

Carmen Osbahr

Frank Oz

Pier Paquette

Mike Petersen

Nigel Plaskitt

  • Spy Story (1976, film) as Mason
  • Warship (TV) as steward in "Quiet Run Ashoree" (1976)
  • Angels (TV) as Martin Fisher (two episodes, 1982)
  • The Killing Edge (1984, film)

Joe Raposo

Martin P. Robinson

Don Sahlin

Michelan Sisti

Caroll Spinney

Andrew Spooner

Jon Stone

John Tartaglia

Kirk Thatcher

Nikki Tilroe

Allan Trautman

  • Return of the Living Dead (1985, film) as Tarman
  • Return of the Living Dead Part II (1988, film) as Tarman
  • Cold Dog Soup (1990, film) as Joseph

Sarai Tzuriel

Julie Westwood

Victoria Willing

Mak Wilson

Victor Yerrid

Bryant Young

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