Muppetisms are a set of thirty to sixty second shorts which originally appeared on the Odyssey Channel in 1999. They later appeared as extras on several Muppet DVDs and video games, and on The Jim Henson Company's official website. Twenty shorts were created in all. These shorts were written by Kirk Thatcher and Jim Lewis, and directed by Kirk Thatcher.[1]

Most of the spots were released on the Best of the Muppet Show DVD series, as well as the DVD releases of the movies. They were also released on Muppets Party Cruise, appearing with unlocked games and cruise levels. These releases alter the endings of each segment, removing the tagline, "We put the 'ODD' in Odyssey," though the sound effect associated with it is still heard.


Image Description
Animal (the percussionist)

Animal goes wild while air drumming, drumming on his head, beating his head against the camera lens, and finally breaking the camera by knocking it over.

Express yourself

Bobo (the bear)

Bobo picks a piece of lint off his fur that he thinks is shaped like New Jersey. He immediately runs off to call his mom about it.

Celebrate the little things.

Bobo (the bear)

Bobo catches a butterfly, then tries to pet it on his head.

Love Hurts.

Bunsen (the scientist) and Beaker (the guinea-pig)

Beaker runs around with steam shooting out his ears, leading Bunsen to conclude just how much caffeine is too much caffeine.

There's no "I" in team.

Bunsen (the scientist) and Beaker (the assistant)

Bunsen, Beaker, and a few penguins dance the bunny hop. Then Bunsen wonders if they'd like to do the mambo.

You never know until you try.

Fozzie (da bear)

Fozzie tells a few chicken jokes, then gets pelted with vegetables.

Never give up.

Floyd (the groove master) and Kermit (amphiboogie danci-frog)

Floyd plays the bass while Kermit gets his groove on. "Sometimes the Frog's just gotta get Funky."

Dare to be Funky

Gonzo (the...???)

While sitting in a tin tub full of asparagus pudding, Gonzo waxes philosophical (and nonsensical.)

Think really different.

Gonzo (the artiste)

Gonzo attempts to rollerblade across the contiguous united states, pulled by a nitro fueled funnycar attached only to his nose, while balancing a teacup filled with nitro glycerin on his head, BACKWARDS!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Kermit (the frog)

Kermit scats uncontrollably. "Gee, I musta had a frog in my throat."

Laugh at your own jokes.

Miss Piggy (le pig)

Piggy protests to her agent, Bernie, for being booked on a poorly fringed cable set. Ditz occasionally pops up to frustrate Piggy even more until she declares "the next jerk-o who touches me is gonna get it right in the kisser!" Kermit approaches her and tries to get her attention and Miss Piggy unknowingly acts on her threat, knocking Kermit across the room and when she approaches him to apologize, he asks, "Who are you?" She answers, "Um...your wife?"

Love one another.

Miss Piggy (the diva)

Piggy tries to get her scene underway. Unfortunately, she can't because of a lack of mineral water, too many interfering stage hands, and a strange humming noise.

Don't sweat the little stuff

Pepe (the shrimp)

Pepe comes up short during a basketball game.

Think big.

Pepe (the king prawn)

Pepe rehearses for a video dating service. Rizzo is unimpressed.

Honesty is the best policy.

Rizzo (the rat)

Rizzo practices his scurrying.

Practice makes Perfect.

Rizzo (the Vermin-American)

Rizzo, with harmonica, sings the blues, only the blues refer to how much he loves being a rat.

Love yourself.

Waldorf (the crook) and Statler (the bum)

Waldorf and Statler trade insults, then compliments, then insults again.

Friendship is forever

Waldorf (the elderly gentleman) and Statler (the elderlier gentleman)

Waldorf wakes from a nap. "Hooray! I'm still alive!"

Make every moment count.

Waldorf (the old coot) and Statler (the old geezer)

Statler brags about his snowboarding trip, but it's Waldorf who is really living life dangerously.

Live life on the edge.

Waldorf (the senile) and Statler (the seniler)

The lamp starts to go out, but instead of changing the bulb, Statler and Waldorf toss insults at it.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light. - Dylan Thomas.


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