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Active September 18, 2011 - mid-2013
Type official website
Creator The Walt Disney Company

In September 2011, launched a new Muppet website at to promote the new film The Muppets. The site spotlights the films' trailer on a splash page with movie information, plot overview, character bios, photos and more located within the site itself. New transitional videos featuring the characters are featured on the character pages. The pages also reuse character clips from 2008's's "Do Not Touch Button" as hidden Easter eggs. New transitions and hidden clips were added in late September and October, featuring Animal, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Pepe, a penguin, The Swedish Chef, a turkey, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Beaker, Jason Segel, Statler and Waldorf, and Scooter. Some of the 2008 videos are used as easter eggs on Gary and Mary's page.

As of 2013, the site has been redone as part of's redesign. However, the games, and videos remain. The character descriptions were with those from their Muppets Most Wanted website. They also added Muppet posts on their "Oh My Disney" blog.

Links to The Muppets Studio's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts appear on each page. Many of the pages were sponsored by UL Labs and Bounty.

Site features

  • Character biography pages for Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Animal, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo the Great, Walter, Gary, and Mary.
  • Film plot overview ("The Story") and cast and crew information.
  • The films' full length theatrical trailer; the "Green with Envy," "The Fuzzy Pack," and "Being Green" parody trailers; the "Who are the Muppets?" featurette; and OK Go and the Muppets' "The Muppet Show Theme Song" music video and behind the scenes featurette.
  • Photo gallery featuring stills from the film, and promotional pictures.
  • Muppets Fan-a-Thon page
  • Products page highlighting new merchandise - including The Green Album, The Muppets soundtrack , movies, music, toys, books, apparel, beauty, fashion, decor, and more.
  • Games
  • Downloads
  • Activities
  • Items in background of pages activate videos, some of them trailers and some new.



The videos activated by background items in character pages (besides trailers).

Kermit's page

Picture Activated by Description
Sign reading "Gags and shticks" Kermit has turned yellow, and says to the user that he should get his monitor fixed. He turns to his normal green and says it was just him because his uncle was a chameleon. Fozzie comes and asks Kermit if his uncle was a comic. Kermit says no, so Fozzie says, "He could have been a stand-up chameleon!" Kermit turns red from embarrassment.
Ladder Fozzie is carrying a ladder, and on his way out, he is shown again helping himself carry the other end of the ladder.
Wooden rainbow Kermit is dancing to a hip-hop song and stops briefly to say that frogs invented hip-hop on the web.

Miss Piggy's page

Picture Activated by Description
Sign saying "Beverly Hills Piggy" Piggy complains to the viewer that every time the sign is clicked, a buzzer goes off in her dressing room, interrupting her "beauty sleep".
Misspiggyagainthistimeshekaratechops.png Bags Piggy returns again, saying "There you go again", clearly about the buzzer from before, then asks the viewer to come "closer" until she thinks they are close enough. Then she does her patented karate chop.
Piggywondering.png Rizzo and friends Piggy comes out, looking at her outfit and wondering aloud if it will wake her look big on the web. She says "nah" and goes away. Rizzo comes to say, "Boy, that pig sure puts the wide in the World Wide Web." Piggy yells, "I heard that!" and chases after him to execute her revenge.

Animal's page

Picture Activated by Description
Animaltakesalook.png Electric Mayhem sign Animal comes on, then takes a close look at the camera. He slowly comes forward, then opens his mouth wide and covers up the camera with it as though eating the viewer.
Animalfreaksout.png Electric Mayhem band Animal runs around freaking out and yelling for no apparent reason.

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