Muppets Front
Songs from The Muppet Movie
The Muppet Show
Released 1997
Format EP
Label Liquid Meat Records
Cat no.

back cover

Muppets is a 7-inch EP released by Less Than Jake. It contains covers of four Muppet songs: Two complete songs from The Muppet Movie, a song that consists of the final verse from "The Magic Store" (which begins, "Life's like a movie"), and the Muppet Show song "Mississippi Mud". The latter song would later be included on their album Goodbye Blue & White, but the Muppet Movie songs were never released again by the group. The EP was released on both light blue and black vinyl.

The picture sleeve for the EP features Muppet artwork. The front shows Gonzo flying through the sky with a bunch of balloons, in a shot similar to the back of the Muppet Movie LP. The back features Animal holding a chain attached around his neck.

Track listing

Side A

  1. Movin' Right Along
  2. Rainbow Connection

Side B

  1. Life is a Movie
  2. Mississippi Mud

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