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Written by Erik Forrest Jackson
Illustrator Owen Richardson
Published October 9, 2018
Publisher Penguin Workshop
ISBN 978-0451534385

Muppets Meet the Classics: Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm is a Muppet book adapting stories by the Brothers Grimm released on October 9, 2018. It is the second in the "Muppets Meet the Classics" series, following the 2017 release of The Phantom of the Opera.

β€œSome fairy tales are too silly. Others are too serious. But when the Muppets meet the classics? The stories are just right! Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, and the other Muppets as they bring favorite fairytales to life in their own hilarious way.

Once upon a time, there was a pretty young chicken named Camillarella, who had very heavy shoes and an enchanting Chicken Dance. Or maybe you'd prefer to hear the story of Janice, the pig [sic] with braided tresses as yellow as SpongeBob. With all the favorite characters--Kermit, Miss Piggy, and others--these fairy tales give a whole new meaning to the word "classic."”

Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • Camillarella (after Ashputtel)
  • Two Brothers and a Mountain of Trouble (after "Simeli Mountain")
  • Kermit the Frog-Prince (after The Frog Prince)
  • Janice! Janice! Let Down Your Hair (after Rapunzel)
  • Not-So-Little Red Cap
  • The Pig and the Prawn Sign a Lease (after "The Cat and the Mouse Set Up House")
  • Kermit and the Three Golden Nose Hairs (after "The Giant With the Three Golden Hairs")
  • The Eagle, the Mouse, and the Wedge of Cheese (after "The Bird, the Mouse, and the Sausage")
  • Veterinarian's Hospital Makes a House Call (after "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids")
  • Hungry Rowlf and the Big-Hearted Bird (after "The Dog and the Sparrow")
  • Fozzie's Super-Sticky Situation (after "The Golden Goose")
  • Snowdrop and the Seven Penguins (after "Snowdrop")
  • Faithful Sweetums (after "Faithful John")
  • Unclestiltskin (after Rumpelstiltskin)
  • Bella Thorn, the Sleeping Beauty (Not the Actress)
  • Clueless Trades a Turtle (after "Lazy Heinz")
  • The Frog Who Liked to Fish (after "The Fisherman and His Wife")
  • PepΓ© and Polly (after "Hansel and Gretel")
  • Epilogue

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