Muppets most wanted score
Songs from Muppets Most Wanted
The Muppets
Released 2014
Format CD
Label Walt Disney Records/Intrada
Cat no. D002018902

Christophe Beck's score for Muppets Most Wanted was released as a digital album on April 15, 2014, and as a physical CD on April 29. The album also contains the score for The Muppets.[1]

Of the film's score, a press release for the original soundtrack album included quotes from Beck, stating:

"'This score was incredibly fun to write,' said Beck. 'With characters spread across the world, there was opportunity after opportunity to explore many musical styles and settings.' Beck introduced several character themes—Constantine has a Slavic theme, for example, and Kermit and Miss Piggy are accompanied by a love theme (of course) that is an extension of music from The Muppets. An 80-piece orchestra was sprinkled with unique instruments, including a banjo, Spanish guitar and a Russian Balalaika. 'The real fun was the 20-person Russian male chorus, which is heavily featured,' said Beck."[2]

Track listing

Muppets Most Wanted (tracks 1-24)
The Muppets (tracks 25-47)
  1. The World's Most Dangerous Frog
  2. Let's Do It
  3. Hole In The Wall Club
  4. Dominic Badguy
  5. Froggy Canal
  6. Sam Meets Jean
  7. Secret Lemon Juice Writing
  8. Back at the Gulag
  9. Colonel Blood's Key
  10. Travel by Map
  11. Goodnight Danny Trejo
  12. Following Dominic
  13. Discovered
  14. My Amphibian Prince
  15. You Complete Me
  16. The Proposal
  17. Without Kermit
  18. No One Noticed
  19. Babies
  20. Wedding Interruptus
  21. What an Action Sequence!
  22. Piggy Smooch
  23. We're Sorry Kermit
  24. End Credits
  25. To Hollywood
  26. Maniacal Laugh
  27. The Search for the Frog
  28. Moral Support
  29. Getting Gonzo
  30. Rebuffed
  31. Traveling by Map
  32. Man of Muppets
  33. Muppet Man
  34. The Muppet Party
  35. Got the Show
  36. Theatre in Ruins
  37. Pig vs. Poog
  38. Under the Stars
  39. Breakneck Driving
  40. Jack Black Attack
  41. The Telethon Takeoff
  42. Tex Reciprocates
  43. The First Call
  44. Scooter Takeover
  45. Photo Reunion
  46. The Last Act
  47. We Fail Together


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