Scenes from Muppets Most Wanted that were cut from the film before its theatrical release. The theatrical cut runs 107 minutes (1:47:20), while the "Unnecessarily Extended Edition" released on the Region 1 version of the Blu-ray runs 119 minutes (1:59:13); streaming releases of the movie (such as on Disney+, HBO and Netflix) have used the original theatrical cut. This page includes scenes restored in the extended cut as well as additional scenes that remain missing. For additional story content that may have come from the script, but may not have ever been filmed, see our list of differences in Muppets Most Wanted: The Junior Novel.

MMW extended cut 0.03.07 Egypt.png
An extended musical sequence takes place during "We're Doing a Sequel" featuring dancers on studio sets and other behind-the-scenes goings-on.
Lew Zealand and Statler and Waldorf offer their own take for what the next Muppet movie should be about.
MMW extended cut 0.04.50 Rowlf.png
Rowlf the Dog sings "We can't do any worse than The Godfather 3". Director James Bobin felt the line was too mean and had it edited from the film.[1] Rowlf also suggests the movie be about "a lonely dog, and one night he sees something he should never have seen, and he has to live with a terrible secret." Kermit thinks it sounds "a little dark."
MMW extended cut 0.06.37 Peter Serafanowicz.png
Peter Serafinowicz filmed a cameo for the film in March 2013,[2] where he and other Gulag officers dine in a security room. Serafinowicz wonders aloud about the use of a button allowing all the cell doors to open, when Constantine bursts in and attacks them.
Early test screenings of the film used an exterior shot to establish the restaurant Dominic Badguy meets with the Muppets in as Musso & Frank Grill in Hollywood.[3]
MMW extended cut 0.10.32 Amtrak train.png
At the train station, Kermit addresses the Muppets about their trip. He shows them the train they'll be taking. The Muppets gaze in awe at the shiny new Amtrak train (a Pacific Surfliner), until it pulls out of the station revealing the run-down train they're actually using. Scooter also reacts to Beauregard as the driver.
MMW extended cut 0.11.22 Fozzie roof.png
Upon boarding the train, Fozzie Bear excitedly points out the observation deck in the dining car, before realizing it's just missing the roof.
Shark chases Chef.gif
The Swedish Chef gets chased by a shark on the tour train.
MMW extended cut 0.12.54 start small.png
Kermit's explanation for working up from the Hole In the Wall Club in Germany is expanded to include a speech about starting small, "then go slightly less small, and then a touch less small, until we're small to medium-small."
MMW extended cut 0.14.40 more Bunsen dialogue.png
When Bunsen introduces his magnetic bomb attractor vest, he also mentions inventing the automatic drowning helmet, the extra sharp chair, and the unexpectedly exploding cupcake. "Because it's there, Kermit. Because it's there."
MMW Kermit Piggy argue.png
Early test screenings of the film included a longer argument between Kermit and Piggy in the scene where they discuss whether or not they're engaged.[3]
MMW Die Muppet Show.png
The German version of the soundtrack includes Die Muppet Show theme, but it does not appear in the film.
After Walter asks the others if they've noticed Kermit has been acting different, Miss Piggy dismisses the idea, saying that Kermit's never been more devoted to her. Rizzo replies, "That's what we're saying".
Scooter mistakenly begins to introduce Christoph Waltz as Australian, before he's corrected (he's Austrian). Scooter then has to cancel the "Waltzing Matilda" opening Australian number, to the disappointment of a kangaroo, koala, and Beauregard with a surf board.
MMW extended cut 0.29.35 Lemur coins.png
In the theatrical cut, Sam gets the last "laugh" when UPS delivers a giant CIA badge. In the extended cut, Jean hands him a file with everything they have on The Lemur, which is filled with Lemur coins.
MMW extended cut 0.36.10 constantine exposition.png
When Kermit first meets Nadya at the Gulag, she provides a brief overview of Constantine's past. It is revealed that he was abandoned by his mother as a tadpole and was raised in Russia's largest bomb factory.
A verse of "I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)" was cut from the final film. It is included on the soundtrack, the Blu-ray, and footage is used in the music video with Bret McKenzie.
MMW Piggy tries to kiss Constantine.png
B-roll footage reveals that Piggy asks why she can't do her five songs after Constantine promises Gonzo he can do the indoor running of the bulls. When he allows it, Piggy tries to kiss Constantine, but he stops her with a hand on her snout: "Later."
MMW extended cut 0.43.00 karate.png
The theatrical cut features a very brief scene where Walter observes Kermit (really Constantine) through a window using karate to chop wood in half. The extended cut includes Constantine flipping Scooter after receiving a tap on the shoulder.
MMW extended cut 0.43.16 you can't make me go number two.png
Before the performance in Spain, Constantine refuses to go on at first because of the stage fright he suffered in Berlin. He argues about this with Dominic in the bathroom while Scooter listens at the door. According to director James Bobin, "We cut one scene between Ricky Gervais and Constantine. Obviously if you have two characters called 'Number One' and 'Number Two,' there are going to be certain jokes. And there was a scene where they get stuck in a toilet together... it lasted for about ten minutes! It killed us on the set, but didn't make the movie. It is on the DVD though!"[1]
An appearance by the full-body monsters during the "El Muppet Show" theme song is cut.
MMW extended cut 0.45.40 let me drink it in.png
Constantine introduces Gonzo's indoor running of the bulls to a large amount of applause from the audience. As he begins to ham it up, Scooter motions for him to cut it short, but Constantine remains on stage, "Let me drink it in."
MMW Trailer - Scooter.png
Scooter faces the stage from the proscenium and covers his face with a clipboard saying, "I can't watch!" In the theatrical trailer, this was cut into Gonzo's indoor running of the bulls act, but may have had a different context when filmed.
Hobo Joe and the hobos appear in the audience of the Muppet's show, including during Miss Piggy's appalling performance of the "Macarena" in Madrid.
MMW extended cut 0.48.44 Dr Teeth line.png
After The Electric Mayhem's lengthy performance of "Total Mayhem", the audience wakes up and Dr. Teeth exclaims, "I knew audiences dug jam sessions."
MMW extended cut 0.51.00 traveling by map.png
After Jean introduces Sam to Le Maximum, an extended travel-by-map sequence follows from Geneva through France and the streets of Spain, adding some weight to his line, "37 hours -- not bad!"
A line from both Constantine and Piggy's verses of "Interrogation Song" were cut from the film, but were included on the soundtrack and extended Blu-ray version.
MMW extended cut 0.54.00 Gonzo song.png
Gonzo and Camilla the Chicken are interrogated in their own verse during "Interrogation Song."
MMW extended cut 0.55.12 Beaker song.png
After Swedish Chef's line in the "Interrogation Song" on the soundtrack, an unidentified male vocalist sings, "What the chef just said to you was 'schnoopdy-schnoopdy-schnoo' it's not Swedish." In the extended version of the film, the translator is Beaker.
An alternate shot of Animal and the penguins during "Interrogation Song" was used in the extended version of the film.
MMW Nadya show business.png
Early test screenings of the film included a line from Nadya about Kermit being "in the business of show" when she orders him to help with the revue.[3]
MMW extended cut 0.59.09 Apres vous.png
Once Sam and Jean realize they're not so different after all, they go back and forth insisting the other go first on their way to Dublin.
B-roll footage of the scene with Pepe and Sean Combs features additional lines not included in the movie. Whether these were ever finished scenes or just alternate takes is unknown.
MMW extended cut 1.01.08 are you eyeballing me.png
After Kermit gains some respect for flipping out on his fellow inmates, he scolds Big Papa for eyeballing him.
Walter follows Dominic as he rides an escalator and ice skates while going to deliver bribes to Irish journalists.
MMW extended cut 1.09.55 riot block D.png
While Nadya kisses a print-out of Kermit at her shrine to him, another prison guard interrupts to alert her to a riot in block D. She snaps back, "Can't you see I'm busy?"
MMW extended cut 1.10.32 is that a scarf.png
After Dominic finds Constantine knitting and asks how they spin the fact that Fozzie, Walter, and Animal have eluded their grasp, Dominic asks if that's a scarf he's knitting. He guesses that it's a present for someone, but Constantine says for whom is not important. Dominic smirks. While it's never said in the film, Constantine revealed in an interview with The Muppet Mindset that the scarf was for Dominic.[4]
While telling the Muppets that Walter and Fozzie have quit the Muppets, Janice said she cried when Walter joined them in the last movie. After Rizzo and Robin the Frog leave, Dominic says the show will be better without them, to which Statler replies, "Couldn't get any worse!" Finally, in that scene, Link agrees with Constantine that they're better off without them, before being corrected by Floyd.
07.31.13 M2 MostWanted shot 3A.jpg
Promotional images and clips of Scooter's performance of "Moves Like Jagger" feature Scooter and the penguins performing the song in front of a neon-light Union Jack, whereas the very brief glimpse of the performance seen in the final film shows the beginning of the song performed in front of a green curtain before ultimately cutting away to Constantine and Dominic's heist; the portion of the song shown in the trailers is not seen. The full song is presented on the film's soundtrack album with an appearance by Pepe the King Prawn in the song's bridge.
MMW extended cut 1.15.50 gonzo millionaire.png
After Constantine proposes to Piggy, Camilla asks Gonzo when they're getting married. Gonzo says, "I told you, when I'm a millionaire... again," referencing the demolition of his toilet factory in the previous movie.
MMW extended cut 1.16.10 ring.png
Piggy notices the odd color of her engagement ring. Constantine says it's a very rare black diamond, which is priceless like her, giving Piggy another clue that something is off about the situation.
MMW extended cut 1.16.32 Constantine and Dominic.png
Immediately after the proposal, Dominic confronts Constantine backstage about Phase 3 of their plan. Constantine explains that a "stupid variety show" could never be performed at the Tower of London, but you can get married. Thomas Blood's passageways are located directly below St. John's Chapel, as shown on their map.
MMW extended cut 1.17.14 bull.png
The Newsman's announcement of the Muppet engagement from the theatrical cut of the film is extended to include a bull head-butting him out of frame, which is a more Muppet Show-like ending to one of the Newsman's reports.
Danny Trejo performs a stand-up comedy routine in the Gulag Annual Revue. He tells a joke about a short fortune teller who escapes from prison (a small medium at large); he wears a tie and punctuates his jokes with a "wocka wocka" similar to Fozzie Bear. A trailer for the film shows Trejo doing jazz hands from the front, but in the extended cut, he's only shown doing this from the back.
MMW extended cut 1.25.17 break the fourth wall.png
When Walter, Fozzie and Animal plan to break Kermit out of the Gulag, Kermit says they'll have to break the fourth wall to get out.
MMW extended cut 1.28.34 Kermit as Constantine.png
After Kermit poses as one of the florists for the wedding, he bumps into Dominic who recognizes him as Constantine. Kermit quickly improvises and insults him in a Russian accent. This lends weight to Fozzie's later line that Kermit acted like James Bond.
MMW mirror gag.png
The mirror gag scene was longer in early test screenings, including more antics between Kermit and Constantine.[3]
MMW extended cut 1.30.00 Fozzie rug.png
While posing as a bear rug, Fozzie gets stepped on by Dominic and screams, "Ow! I mean... nothing!"
MMW extended cut 1.30.37 divorce.png
Constantine explains Phase 4 to Dominic: he doesn't plan to be married for long. Confused, Dominic explains that if they get a divorce, he'll have to share the Crown Jewels with Piggy 50/50.
MMW extended cut 1.31.00 extra line from Russell Tovey.png
Russell Tovey's delivery person gets an extra line and a close-up when he checks his packing sheet to confirm that the recipient is Mr. The Frog.
MMW extended cut 1.32.25 Disney synergy.png
Cameos by Bridgit Mendler, Debby Ryan, Tyrel Jackson Williams, and Jake Short at the wedding were cut. They described their appearance as "Disney synergy" since they all found fame on various Disney Channel TV shows.
MMW extended cut 1.32.52 Kermit hair pin.png
To escape being hand-cuffed inside Le Maximum, Kermit regurgitates a hair pin which he had swallowed when inside the Gulag. He spits it into Fozzie's hand, but Fozzie drops it because it's slimy and gross.
MMW extended cut 1.34.26 bear left right frog.png
In a self-reference to The Muppet Movie, Kermit and Fozzie give each other directions when coordinating their escape with their feet through the bottom of Le Maximum, "Bear, left." "Right, frog."
When Constantine reveals his true identity at the wedding, Rowlf realizes Kermit couldn't have had a cold for so long. Pepe adds he couldn't have that bad an accent either.
MMW Across the Internet teaser - I love you.png
The "Across the Internet" teaser begins with Kermit saying, "I love you." This is part of a longer speech Kermit makes at the wedding about love.[3]
Hobo Joe kissing a Whatnot, as seen in one of the trailers, was cut.
MMW Ourage trailer - Beaker.png
When Beaker bears the full brunt of Constantine's bomb, he turns from the Thames in Bunsen's bomb-attracting suit, the head piece of which has exploded. A clip was included in the "Outrage" teaser.
MMW Across the Internet teaser - Sam legs Jean-Pierre.png
Jean Pierre Napoleon and Sam the Eagle grab hold of the Muppet Ladder while Constantine makes his escape. Footage was shown in the "Across the Internet" teaser.
MMW Kermit holds mole.png
Kermit making his way onto the escalating helicopter to save Piggy from Constantine was originally a longer action sequence in early test screenings. The scene explains how Kermit got the fake mole off his face, which he later slaps onto Constantine.[3]
MMW extended cut 1.44.01 auto pilot.png
After they defeat Constantine, Kermit wonders how they're going to land the helicopter. Piggy presses the Auto Pilot button.
MMW extended cut 1.44.30 Gonzo dialogue.png
When Rowlf points out that the bad guy was Dominic Badguy, Gonzo reminds him of the French pronunciation.
MMW extended cut 1.45.20 argue over who's number one.png
Being escorted away by authorities, Dominic and Constantine bicker about who's Number One now. Dominic sarcastically sings a bit of their previous song about the subject. Some of this can be heard in the theatrical cut, but it's in the background.
MMW Two Women teaser - breaking my heart.png
In the "Two Women" teaser, Nadya storms onto the roof and orders her team to "Arrest that frog!" When Kermit asks what for, she replies, "For breaking my heart!"
80s Robot tied up in MMW.jpg
A photo of '80s Robot tied up with Bunsen and Beaker was featured in the Muppets Most Wanted: A 19-Month 2015 Calendar.
MMW Babies blooper.png
According to writer Nick Stoller, "We had a lot of stuff with the babies that ended up on the cutting room floor."[5] (Screenshot is from the blooper reel). One such scene included Dominic abandoning the Babies and taking off with the crown jewels.[3]

Trailer shots

Screenshots from the trailers where the intended use in the film (if any) is currently unknown.


Due to the nature of their composition -- the actors shot in front of a matte screen -- these scenes were most likely meant for an alternative version of the "Together Again" finale (the final version using the Gulag wall gag, placed digitally), or for the sole purpose of promoting the film with teaser trailers.

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