Muppets Puzzle Party is a rhythm-based matching game starring the Muppets. The game was released by Disney Mobile in 2006 and is available on mobile phones.

Game Play

The game is set in The Muppet Theatre, which was been turned into a dance club by Statler and Waldorf, who are now operating under the hip-hop guises of Wally-D and StatCat.

Wally-D and StatCat are trying to lay down "hot beats" but instead just stink up the joint. So it's up to Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Animal to set things right by showing Statler and Waldorf some real talent as they dance their way out of the club.

The Muppets stand center stage, fielding musical notes that emerge from Statler and Waldorf's DJ booths. Players direct the the notes to the three spaces above the dancing platform, gaining points for matching colors, shapes, or both, as well as other level-specific combinations.

Players can send shapes to any one of the three spaces or block them, sending them crashing down onto Statler and Waldorf. However,if a player blocks three in a row, the DJs will throw in a remix, rearranging the shapes available. Building a mix of three mismatched colors or shapes loses points. If the score drops too low, the dancer will be kicked off the stage.

Once a player has built up enough combos, a dance-off at the end of the level is triggered. Mastering the dance-off will blow Statler and Waldorf away (literally) with feedback from the sound system. Each of the five playable Muppet characters has an individual background and soundtrack, as well as three unlockable outfits.

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