Muppets Tonight Band
DEBUT 1996

The Muppets Tonight Band was the zydeco house band on Muppets Tonight. They played Clifford onstage at the beginning of every show.

There were five members of the band:

  • Jowls, the guitar player
  • An accordion player
  • A bass player
  • A drummer
  • A violinist

The members of the zydeco band rarely appeared on the show outside of their bandstand. The actual musical performance was supplied by the Zydeco Party Band, consisting of Doug Legacy (accordion), Mark Shark (guitar), Richard S. Greene (violin), Freebo (bass, tuba), Billy Butler (percussion), and Michael Jochum (drums).

The drummer later resurfaced in Muppets Most Wanted amongst the Gulag 38B prisoners during the "Together Again" finale.

According to The Muppets Character Encyclopedia, the band joined the show because the Electric Mayhem was on tour at the time.

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