Muppets and Stuff was a website maintained by Jon Cooke. While The Muppets were the main focus of the site, there were also pages for Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Beany and Cecil.

Muppet pages on the site included:

  • A "Muppet Video Guide", which listed nearly every U.S. video release of Henson-related productions, both in and out of print.
  • A Muppets Tonight section, which included lyrics to all of the songs from the first season, a "frequently asked questions" section, a list of Muppets who appeared in the boardroom at the beginning of the first episode, and a list of appearances by the Cheeses.
  • A Muppet Babies episode guide, featuring descriptions of the first 96 episodes, along with info on the voice actors and other animated Henson productions.
  • A "Muppet Fast Food Guide", which listed all known Muppet/Henson products that were sold at restaurants.

In 1997, the Muppet content was removed, and the site changed its name to "Cartoons and Stuff", focusing on cartoons; the site was later merged into