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Big V eats Kermit - La Choy presentation.gif

First Mate Piggy inside Mean Mama.

Big Mean Carl invites some scrumptious rabbits to "Stand By Me".

Big V swallows Mack.

A monster eats a sophisticated piece of technology.

Timmy Monster eats a Koozebanian Phoob.

Ever since the early days of Sam and Friends and Muppet commercials, there has been a long tradition of Muppet characters eating each other.

In "The Glow-Worm" sketch, which Jim Henson performed on many variety shows in the 1960s, Kermit the Frog would sit on a wall, eating passing worms. A Muppet monster would drag Kermit off the wall and then re-appear making a chewing motion, creating the illusion that Kermit was eaten whole.

For later sketches, a "slit" in the second Muppet's mouth was made so the eaten Muppet could be pulled through and, if necessary, performed from inside the second Muppet after being "eaten".



The Ed Sullivan Show

IBM Meeting Films

Sesame Street

  • In Episode 0001, a yet unnamed Cookie Monster tries to eat Kermit (by his frog leg) after devouring the letter "W" in his lecture.
  • Cookie Monster tries to eat Guy Smiley in a bakery segment when he thinks that he is the thing Guy told him that's eatable and rhymes with "buy".

The Muppet Show

Gorgon Heap eating Wayne

Gorgon Heap about to eat Lenny

Behemoth eats Shakey Sanchez

  • Episode 419: A Crocodile eats the Newsman when he says the name of the Egyptian Crocodile-God, Rezal-evad-gib. Does so a second time in the next scene when the Newsman does it again (after Beauregard tries to warn Lynda Carter not to say the word, but can't remember it).
  • Episode 515: Mean Mama swallows First Mate Piggy during "Pigs in Space". (When Gonzo declares that Piggy will be disqualified for not dancing - due to the dance marathon - she starts doing so again, from inside Mean Mama's stomach.)


  • Episode 115: During the talk spot, Kermit tells Candice Bergen that last week, Sweetums ate the guest. (Although the audience was never shown the incident in the preceding episode.)
  • Episode 116: In the "Battle of Insults", Sweetums reveals that he ate his dog.

Muppets Tonight


Fraggle Rock

The Jim Henson Hour

  • Food: A lizard eats a bumblebee, then a snake eats a lizard, a hawk eats a snake, the hawk crashes into a tree and falls and gets eaten by a crocodile, who gets eaten by Luncheon Counter Monster, who gets eaten by Doglion.

Muppet Meeting Films

  • Leo and the Monster: Luncheon Counter Monster threatens to eat Leo if he doesn't shorten his speech.

Online videos

  • In the DXD "Do Not Touch" video, Kermit gets eaten by an alligator.


  • "Fran Live": Robbie eats a live creature but spits it out.
  • "Into the Woods": The Predator monster eats a baby dinosaur in the "Your Solo Wilderness Ritual" video.


  • "I Never Ate for My Father": A small creature in the woods says that he tried to get his son to be a carnivore, and ate him when he refused.
  • "A New Leaf": B.P. Richfield says that he ate a little boy for breakfast and was planning to eat the boy's sister for lunch.
  • In "Swamp Music", during an awkward dinner between the Sinclairs and mammals, Mudbelly asks "What's the matter? You've never had mammals for dinner before?" Baby responds, "All the time. They're yummy!"

The Muppets (2015)

Big Mean Carl tries to eat Scooter.


Pepe inside Behemoth.


Muppet/Human Consumption

Behemoth tries to eat Zero

  • Episode 207: Edgar Bergen: Charlie McCarthy tells Kermit that although he doesn't talk to frogs much, he has had dinner with frogs: "They're delicious."
  • In a TV spot for The Muppets, Behemoth has eaten Jason Segel, whose hand reaches up out of the monster's throat.

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