Muppets from space score.jpg
Songs from Muppets from Space
Released August 24, 1999
Format CD
Label Varèse Sarabande
Cat no. VSD-6060

This album features the instrumental score of Muppets from Space, by Jamshied Sharifi and Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Track listing

  1. Main Title/The Ark
  2. Gonzo's Lament
  3. Singer's Theme
  4. Through the Stars
  5. Fanatics for Aliens
  6. Gonzo on TV
  7. Muppet Labs
  8. Piggy and the MIBs
  9. Singer Turns the Screws
  10. Rats in Prison
  11. Rentro
  12. Muppet Infiltration
  13. Porcine Wiles
  14. Rescuing Gonzo
  15. To the Beach
  16. The Ships Arrive
  17. Moment of Glory
  18. The Really Big Gun
  19. Gonzo's Goodbye
  20. Boldly Gone

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