Scenes filmed for Muppets from Space, but cut from the film before release.

Mfs kermit stairs A television promo features an extended shot of Kermit walking down the stairs during "Brick House."
The theatrical trailer shows more more footage of the Muppets dancing to "Brick House."
During the breakfast sequence, right after the explosion in the kitchen, Pepe declares, "The kitchen is closed!" (While not in the movie, the scene appears in the trailer for the film and in the outtake reel on the DVD).
As indicated by the theatrical trailer, Gonzo's first cereal message was "R U THERE." When he reports this to Rizzo, he replies, "Are you sure it didn't say 'R U NUTS'?" The final film swaps the message with "WATCH THE SKY" and changes Rizzo's quip to, "U NEED HELP?"
The theatrical trailer features a snippet of Miss Piggy in the boarding house, sighing, "Oh, brother."
Gonzo rizzo deleted scene
The trailer for the film features shots from a scene with Rizzo talking to Gonzo on the roof of the boarding house. Rizzo says, "hey, Gonzo, don't you think you oughta take a little break? You're starting to freak out the neighbors."
Mfs clifford laughing
A television promo features a shot of Clifford laughing while sitting in the living room.
MFS GonzoNtheKapn
There was going to be a scene with Mr. Poodlepants as Kap'n Alphabet that didn't make it to the final version of the film. Steve Whitmire stated in a pre-Muppets from Space interview that he was going to perform this role in the movie.[1] In Muppets from Space: The Junior Novelization, the Kap'n Alphabet character had a speaking role during a scene that took place in C.O.V.N.E.T..
The theatrical trailer shows extra scenes of Rizzo enduring various lab tests. One shot shows a continuation of the "Cheese / Poison" experiment, where Rizzo is hit by two boxing gloves. Another uses an alternate shot from the speed endurance test.
Mfs gonzo rizzo groucho glasses
A television promo features a shot of Gonzo and Rizzo wearing Groucho glasses while at C.O.V.N.E.T.
Mfs gonzo wendys
A promo spot for Wendy's features a shot of Gonzo saying, "He looks just like me."
The Ubergonzo introduced Gonzo to his alien brethren, including Oznog and Nozgo. An outtake of this scene was included on the DVD.


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