Jim Henson and Kathryn Mullen performing Kermit in the water in The Muppet Movie.

Instances of Muppets appearing in water or doused with a water supply, which typically could prove harmful to the puppets.

In water

Picture Description
Sam and Friends

A Muppet woman performing "Singin' in the Rain" ends up drowning in a flood of real water.

IBM Meeting Film

Rowlf the Dog, having joined IBM's Hundred Percent (quota) Club, is shown enjoying some time in a hotel swimming pool, and then swimming at the beach.

The Frog Prince

Kermit and other frogs are shown swimming in the pond in a number of scenes.

Catfish spit water
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Catfish swims in a water-filled tank during the Riverbottom Nightmare Band's performance at the talent show.

The Muppet Movie

Kermit swims during Miss Piggy's fantasy.

The Great Muppet Caper

"Piggy's Fantasy" sees Miss Piggy in an underwater musical number.

Rocky Mountain Holiday

In a flashback sequence, Gonzo punctures a hole in Rowlf's innertube, getting him all wet in the river.

Fraggle Rock

Fraggles are commonly seen swimming. Instances include the opening, where Gobo and Wembly fall in, "The Minstrels" where Red dives into the pond at the beginning, and "The River of Life" where several Fraggles swim in the pond.

Sesame Street episode 1708

Big Bird goes swimming in the Camp Echo Rock lake.

Gonzo in water - Miss Piggy's Hollywood
Miss Piggy's Hollywood

After she's pushed into the pool by Justine Bateman, Miss Piggy karate chops Gonzo into the water for masquerading Piggy as Barbara Walters intending to interview Bateman.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

When Rizzo's tail is accidentally set aflame, Charles Dickens puts him out by pushing him into a bucket of water.

Sesame Street

A Muppet fish is shown swimming in a small pool of real water in the songs "We Are All Earthlings" and "Let's Lay an Egg."

Kermit spit water swamp
Kermit's Swamp Years

Kermit, Goggles and Croaker swim in the swamp.

Doused with water

Picture Description
Wilkins Coffee commercial

In "Water With Dinner," Wontkins is sprayed with water by waiter Wilkins.

Wilkins Coffee commercial

In "How Instant," Wilkins orders some instant coffee over the phone, which sprays him with it.

Federal Housing Administration spot

Skip is shown doing his own plumbing, getting sprayed with water from his improperly installed pipes.

The Muppet Show Episode 105: Rita Moreno

After answering the phone, Fozzie gets sprayed by water (the call came from the water department).

Piggy Flashdance
"I'm Gonna Always Love You" music video

Miss Piggy is doused with water in a spoof of Flashdance. Kermit gets splashed by her hair during the scene.

The Jim Henson Hour "Oceans"

Lindbergh repairs the MuppeTelevision water and electrical lines and finds the idea amusing if he has mixed them. Soon after, Link Hogthrob report to Kermit that his hair dryer is malfunctioning - it sprays water instead of air and soaks Kermit.

Sesame Street episode 4276

Murray Monster gets a supply of water dumped on him, demonstrating the Word on the Street: soggy.

Cookie IBC
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge web video

Cookie Monster dumps ice water on himself to build awareness and support the ALS Association.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge web video

Kermit the Frog gets ice water dumped on him to build awareness and support the ALS Association.

Sesame Street episode 4611

Grover attempts to water a garden, but ends up spraying himself with the hose.

Sesame Street episode 4822

Bert is sprayed in the face with water by a photo of a raincloud.

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