This is a list of instances in which crossed eyes can be seen on Muppets who don't normally have them. This is usually done to show the character is dizzy after falling down, hit with something, or run over by something.

Picture Character Description
Abby Cadabby Abby crossed her eyes to make a funny face during "Happy Thoughts" in Bedtime with Elmo.
AM 0069 crosseyed
Anything Muppet A boy is trampled over several times in a Sesame Street sketch until his eyes go crossed.
Bad polly cross eyed
Bad Polly Already having suffered a punch to the face making him cross-eyed, Bad Polly is punched again by Samuel Arrow during the fight sequence in the finale of Muppet Treasure Island.
202 beaker
Beaker In episode 202 of Muppet Labs, Dr. Honeydew invents magnetic carrots, which attract a steel rabbit to push Beaker away to get them. Also in Muppets from Space, Beaker goes cross-eyed after getting shocked by the transmitter machine to contact Gonzo's Family. He goes cross eyed again in The Muppets episode "Got Silk?"
Beautiful Day Monster In the song "Windy," the monster goes cross-eyed following her crash.
Bert After falling backwards with a piano while playing Ernie's heavy and light game.
Benny Rabbit After Baby Bear runs into the packed elevator with Benny and the The Elephant Elevator Operator.
Biff and Ernie After getting run over by horses during the "Fugue for Tinhorns" in Julie on Sesame Street.
A chicken A hapless chicken goes cross-eyes following one of Telly's stunts for his movie in Sesame Street 4-D Movie Magic.
China Shop Clerk After getting run over by an Elephant in a Simon Soundman sketch.
Cinderella Cinderella is woozy from being thrown around in Episode 4101.
Clifford After getting hit by a falling piano in episode 210 of Muppets Tonight.
Duck After running into Telly and getting run over by Telly on his pogo stick in episode 4145.
Elmo Falling from the top frame to the bottom in a sketch showing top and bottom. During Don't Forget to Watch the Movie, Elmo tries to surf in the movie theater, but it is not allowed because there is no water and he crashes.
Floyd Fluter-tooter After falling from the sky and crash landing.
Fozzie Bear In episode 421, Fozzie does the famous Indian rope trick. When the Rabbits interrupt him and Fozzie loses his concentration, Scooter falls on him.
Cross eye gonzo 315
Gonzo Gonzo crashes his motorcycle backstage in The Muppet Show episode 315.
Grover Grover examines a butterfly that has landed on his nose.
Junior Gorg While singing Dream Girl Lover in "Junior Sells the Farm"
Leo In the Muppet Meeting Film, "Introduction with a Slight Snare," Leo tries to add some pep to Grump's introduction speech by adding some drum beats, but Grump doesn't like it and attacks Leo to make him stop.
Merry Monster After colliding with Elmo after a third time of performing the "action-packed" poem about the number 17 in episode 3040.
Mokey Fraggle Mokey develops crossed eyes after tasting Boober's okra soup in "The Secret Society of Poobahs."
Mr. Johnson Johnson goes cross-eyed after Super Grover crash-lands on top of him in A Celebration of Me, Grover.
The Muppet Show cast At the end of episode 518, the Muppet cast (except Kermit) all develop Marty Feldman's signature crossed eyes.
Oscar the Grouch After Bruno the Trashman does a roller skate twirl at Big Bird's Birthday, Oscar gets dizzy and sees doubles and twirls of Bob and Luis before he faints in his trash can.
Parker and Spalding Monster In Monsterpiece Theater feature film, "Room at the Top," Grover tries to squeeze in between Telly, Parker, and Spading to sit at the top of the mountain. However, the mountain starts to rock and they all fall off the mountain and land in Alistair Cookie's room.
Rat Isaac Newton's apple bounces off of a rat's head, causing him to go crossed-eyed on the cover of a 1983 notebook titled Jim Henson's Muppets View of History.
Red Fraggle After falling down while trying to see if she can swing to Gobo and Wembley's room without touching the floor and after being bumped into and stepped on numerous times in "Beginnings." Also in "Let the Water Run" after a failed dive at her swimming show. Again in "Playing Till It Hurts" when she crashes into the net at rock hockey practice.
Rizzo alternate take
Rizzo the Rat Sitting in a rotating chair during the rat test in Muppets from Space. In Muppets Tonight episode 109, Rizzo tries to take over Whoopi Goldberg's act of flying in the air and ends up crashing on the side of the KMUP camera.
Scooter After he fell off the stage and into the Muppet Orchestra pit into Tiny's tuba in episode 403. In episode 416, Jonathan Winters is convinced that a gypsy has put a curse on the show. While Scooter doesn't believe it, the hat rack falls on him. In episode 515, he's hit by Carol Burnett when he calls her a mister.
Sheep After bumping into Mr. Snuffleupagus and hitting the wall in Kids' Favorite Songs 2
One of the Teeterini Family After crash landing in Statler and Waldorf's Box at the end of episode 512.
Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose After doing the Secret Topsy Turvy Happy Birthday Dance for Fox in Socks and Mr. Knox in The Birthday Moose.
Tingo In "Tingo's Stuck", Niki tries to get the bowling ball off Tingo's fingers by shaking them off high from the staircase, but accidentally flung Tingo near the drum set.
Uncle Traveling Matt In Postcards from Traveling Matt of "The Preachification of Convincing John," Matt thinks a construction crew are large Doozers, but finds their constructions are not as easy to eat. He also becomes cross-eyed in the postcard for the French version of "Red's Sea Monster" after getting thrown out of a rock concert, as well as in "Gobo's School for Explorers."
The Wickershams One of the Wickershams falls to the ground after the Muckster explodes in Episode 113: The Muckster. One of the Wickershams gets dizzy when it crashes into a well in Episode 117: Yertle the King.

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