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Murray and Ovejita prepare for school.

Murray Has a Little Lamb is a recurring Sesame Street segment that debuted in Season 39.

The segment, initially presented as a six and a half minute sketch, stars Murray Monster and a purple lamb named Ovejita who only speaks Spanish. It features a theme song which is a Latin-flavored rap variation on the classic nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb", sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The theme song was occasionally shortened, omitting the last verse. While the sketch appeared in every episode in Season 39, beginning in the following season, it alternated with Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures. Also during season 40, the guessing game portion of the segment is replaced with a shorter intro that leads them straight to the school.

During the segments, Ovejita tries to give hints to Murray as to what school they are going to visit and Murray always insists that the answer is on the tip of his tongue. The rest of the segment involves Murray asking questions and learning about what happens at the school, interacting with the children and teachers, and trying out the activities. Ovejita is seen participating as well.

The segments were directed by Joey Mazzarino and Matt Vogel[1] (who directed the "Art School", "Soccer School", "Ice Skating School" and "Baseball School" segments[2]). The segment's theme song was written by Judy Freudberg, Joey Mazzarino, Bill Sherman and Belinda Ward.[3]

Though the segment stopped airing after Season 41, the format was incorporated into the tune in segments such as "Murray's Science Experiments" in Season 42 and "The People in Your Neighborhood" in season 43. In Season 44, the segment was brought back through the tune-in segments, featuring new school visitations and repurposed versions of archived editions. In Season 45, the segments began showcasing non-school locations.

The segment was included in some episodes of the international package series 3, 2, 1 ¡Vamos! (with a unique Spanish title card). The format has been replicated internationally as "Tuktuki's Journey" (in Bangladesh), "The Misadventures of Grover and Toto" (in India), and "The Ubuntu Adventures with Elmo & Zuzu" (in South Africa).


Picture School / First Appearance Description

Karate Class (Escuela de Kárate)
Episode 4161
Ovejita, gives clues about which escuela they'll be visiting today, each one a different color belt (un cinturon), green (verde) and white (blanco), as well as a kick (un patea). The school turns out to be a karate class, where Murray and Ovejita learn how to do karate, and Murray eagerly anticipates breaking a board.

Farm School (Escuela de Granjería)
Episode 4162
Ovejita leads Murray to another escuela (school) using the clues of una gallina (chicken), un cerdo (a pig), y una vaca (a cow). The school turns out to be farm school, where kids learn how to be veterinarians (people who take care of plants and animals).

Science and Nature School (Escuela de Ciencias y Naturales)
Episode 4163
Ovejita leads Murray to another secret escuela with the clues of insectos (bugs), un sapo (a frog), y una lupa (a magnifying glass). The school turns out to be the Science and Nature program at the American Museum of Natural History, where kids learn about bugs, amphibians and reptiles. They also learn about camouflage, and go on a safari outside.

Music School (Escuela de Música)
Episode 4164
Ovejita leads Murray to another secret escuela with the clues of una flauta (a flute), un tambor (a drum), y una guitarra (a guitar). The school turns out to be a music school, where kids learn to sing and play instruments. Murray learns how to play the violin and the piano, and Ovejita shows skill on the saxophone.

Gymnastic School (Escuela de Gimnasia)
Episode 4165
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of un leotardo (a leotard), unos aros (rings), y una voltereta (a cartwheel). The school turns out to be a gymnastics school in Chelsea Piers, where kids do exercises and tumbles.

Soccer School (Escuela de Fútbol)
Episode 4166
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of un uniforme (a unform), una pelota (a ball), y una patea (a kick). The school turns out to be a soccer school, where kids practice playing soccer. Murray tries being a goalie, and dribbling the ball with his feet.

Baseball School (Escuela de Béisbol)
Episode 4167
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of un bate (a bat), un guante (a glove), y una pelota (a ball). Murray thought that they are going to swimming school, but the school turns out to be a baseball school, where the Northport Little League team is practicing playing baseball. With practice, Murray eventually hits a home run.

Irish Step Dancing School (Escuela de Baile Irlandés)
Episode 4169
Murray's lamb gives him clues to the secret escuela they’re visiting. The clues she gives are musica (music), zapatos (shoes) y baila (dance). The school is revealed to be Irish Step Dancing School. Murray struggles learning how to kick, but with practice, he is able to do a jig.

Cooking School (Escuela de Cocina)
Episode 4170
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of un sartén (a pan), una espatula (a spatula), y un sombrero de cocinero (a chef's hat). The school turns out to be a cooking school, where kids practice cooking various things. Today, they learn how to make stuffed corn tortillas and guacamole.

Art School (Escuela de Arte)
Episode 4171
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela with the clues of pintura (paint), pegamento (glue), y masilla (clay). The school turns out to be an art school, where kids create art of all kinds. Murray and Ovejita draw and paint pictures of fish with the kids, and try out the potter's wheel (with Ovejita spinning on the wheel as Murray controls it).

Drumming School (Escuela de Tocar el Tambor)
Episode 4172
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, takes him to yet another secret escuela with the clues of un tambor (a drum), pallitos (drumsticks) y tocar el tambor (play the drum) . The school turns out to be drumming school. At school, Murray learns all about the different kinds of drums and how to play one properly while Ovejita uses drum mallets.

Gardening School (Escuela de Jardinería)
Episode 4173
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela. His clues this time are una pala (shovel), tierra (dirt) y vegetales (vegetables). The school is revealed to be gardening school, where Murray how to grow and take care of plants.

Ice Skating School (Escuela de Patinaje Sobre Hielo)
Episode 4176
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela, with the clues of medias (socks), un gorro (a hat) and patines de hielo (ice skates). The school turns out to be Ice Skating School, where Murray learns the basics of skating.
Flamenco School
Episode 4404
Murray and Ovejita visit Flamenco School, where Murray learns to coordinate himself in order to get the moves.
Yoga School
Episode 4405
The two go to yoga school, where Murray struggles to stay balanced in a pose.
Robot School
Episode 4406
Murray and the kids learn to make a robot that can dunk a basketball.
Rock Climbing School
Episode 4414
Murray learns about rock climbing.
Little Vet School
Episode 4419
Murray learns about healing pets and animals.
African Dance School
Episode 4425
Murray learns about African dances
Bike Riding School
Episode 4502
Murray and Ovejita learn the basics of riding a bike.
Comics and Cartooning School
Episode 4504
Murray and Ovejita learn how to make a comic book.
Magic School
Episode 4509
Murray and Ovejita learn how to do magic tricks.
The Zoo
Episode 4512
Murray and Ovejita learn about birds. Big Bird makes a special appearance.
Recycled Art School
Episode 4513
Murray learns how to make a gift for his mom using recycled materials.
Recycling Center
Episode 4514
Murray follows his milk jug as it's processed through the New York Recycling Plant.
Episode 4515
Murray gets a tour around a local pre-school.
The Zoo
Episode 4526
Murray and Ovejita explore around the zoo.


  • In the online releases and syndicated airings of season 39 (such as Sprout), the segments were cut and typically replaced with either a "Global Grover" or "Hero Guy" sketch.

Segment credits[]


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