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"The Jim Henson Exhibition", the Museum's permanent exhibit.

Frank oz momi picture

Frank Oz demonstrates how puppeteering works at a 2011 appearance at the Museum of the Moving Image.

Moving image 2

Constantine makes an appearance at a special screening of Muppets Most Wanted in March 2014.

The Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) is a media museum located in Astoria, Queens in a former building of what is now the Kaufman Astoria Studios. The museum originally opened in 1988 as the American Museum of the Moving Image. It is not affiliated with the Museum of the Moving Image (London).

The museum hosted Jim Henson's Fantastic World from July 2011 to March 2012, and houses a permanent Henson exhibit, The Jim Henson Exhibition, since July 2017. In conjunction with the exhibit, the "Tut's Fever" theater in the museum's Behind the Screen exhibition plays rotating episodes of The Muppet Show, paired with a short "Jim Henson: Behind the Seams" compilation produced by Craig Shemin.

In 2024, it was announced that the second floor amphitheater would be dedicated and named after Jane Henson.[1]

See the list of Museum of the Moving Image events for a listing of Henson-related screenings and events held at the museum.

The Jim Henson Exhibition[]

On May 21, 2013 β€” an event was hosted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Miss Piggy, Oscar the Grouch and Gobo Fraggle β€” it was announced that The Jim Henson Legacy had donated almost 400 artifacts to MOMI for a permanent gallery devoted to Jim Henson. The city of New York contributed $2.75 million for construction of the gallery, which includes puppets, costumes, props, film clips, and other artifacts.[2]

At the time of announcement, the exhibit was expected to open to the public in winter 2014-2015. Following a Kickstarter campaign in April 2017, the exhibit officially opened to the public on July 22, 2017. On July 20th, 2017, the Museum held a ceremonial press conference and ribbon-cutting, which included appearances by Abby Cadabby, Red Fraggle, and Fozzie Bear.

On May 20, 2017, the Museum-organized travelling version of the exhibit, The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, opened in Seattle.


  • The museum, which is occasionally used as a filming location for commercials and other productions, was used for a 2019 video for Squarespace starring Oscar the Grouch. The main lobby served as Oscar's gallery and the Redstone Theater was used for the shots of Oscar being interviewed.


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