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Music Maker is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for Windows computers. The game was developed by Mattel Media in 1999, and re-released by Encore Software in 2005.

Elmo, Cookie Monster, Ernie, and Grover host a musical activity center with 8 activities to introduce music concepts including tempo, pitch, and unusual instruments.


  • "Musical Stickers": Use stickers to make songs in six scenes with Elmo.
  • "Sing-Along with the Muppets": Sing with the Muppets or alone.
  • "World of Sound": Discover sounds at the zoo, a farm, a home, and on city streets.
  • "Rock n' Roll Jam Session": Elmo and Ernie play guitar, Grover plays keyboard, and Cookie Monster plays drums.
  • "Studio 543": Dance with Elmo and Grover while Cookie Monster DJs.
  • "Elmo's Magic Music Machine": Compose songs using different instruments.
  • Ernie's World-Make silly songs.
  • Worldly Instruments-Explore instruments around the world.

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