My big book of firsts
Written by Caleb Burroughs
Published 2009
Publisher Publications International
ISBN 9781412717311

My Big Book of Firsts is a 2009 Sesame Street storybook. The book features Sesame Street characters demonstrating the first experiences that a child is likely to have, including using the potty, going to the doctor, taking a trip, getting a haircut, the first day of school, a field trip and a visit to the library.


  • "First Day of School", featuring Elmo (illustrator: Bob Berry)
  • "Using the Potty", featuring Elmo and Mae (illustrator: Tom Brannon)
  • "Going to the Doctor", featuring Grover and Grover's Mommy (illustrator: Warner McGee)
  • "Zoe's New Tricycle", featuring Zoe and Brad (illustrator: Casey Sanborn)
  • "Swimming Lessons", featuring Ernie and Bert (illustrator: Bob Berry)
  • "First Airplane Trip", featuring Big Bird (illustrator: Tom Brannon)
  • "A Day at the Playground", featuring Elmo and friends (illustrator: Casey Sanborn)
  • "A Babysitter for Zoe", featuring Zoe, Brad and Zoe's mother (illustrator: Casey Sanborn)
  • "Getting a Haircut", featuring Betty Lou (illustrator: Bob Berry)
  • "The New Baby", featuring Baby Bear, Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Curly Bear (illustrator: Warner McGee)
  • "Elmo Visits the Library", featuring Elmo (illustrator: Tom Brannon)
  • "Abby's First Sleepover", featuring Abby Cadabby and Zoe (illustrator: Warner McGee)
  • "Elmo's First Snowman", featuring Elmo and Cookie Monster (illustrator: Warner McGee)
  • "Elmo's Big Field Trip", featuring Elmo and friends (illustrator: Tom Brannon)
  • "Grover Goes to Bed", featuring Grover (illustrator: DiCicco Studios)

The art in "Elmo Visits the Library" is adapted from the 1998 book Sesame Street Library.

Many of the stories were reprinted in the 2017 collection I Can Do It!: A Treasury of Stories. The title was also released in eBook form in 2011, split up into three separate releases: My Big Book of Firsts: Elmo's Neighborhood, My Big Book of Firsts: Fun Firsts and My Big Book of Firsts: It's Bedtime.

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