Segments shown before each episode of Sesame Street during the 35th season, in honor of the show's 35th anniversary. In these segments, people talked about their favorite Sesame Steet moments.

Image Subject / Episode Description
Doris Roberts
Episode 4057
She talks about liking all 35 years of Sesame Street.
Joshua Bell
Episode 4058
He shares that the first song he learned to play on the violin was the Sesame Street Theme. A clip of the Tokyo String Quartet is shown.
Frank Caldeiro
Episode 4059
He describes coming to New York from Argentina, and learning English from watching Sesame Street. An excerpt of Big Bird singing "ABC-DEF-GHI" is shown.
Venus Williams
Episode 4060
She talks about watching the show with her sister, Serena Williams, and remembering the song, "Ladybugs' Picnic."
Nancy Kaplan
Episode 4061
Kaplan talks about the character Linda and how the show taught sign language.
Phil McGraw
Episode 4062
He talks about Ernie and Bert, and a clip from the Banana Sketch is shown.
Whoopi Goldberg
Episode 4063
She shares her favorite memory - the theme song, accompanied by footage from the Season 30 theme.
Elizabeth Shehane
Episode 4064
She talks about Bob when he sings the song, "Sing."
Christopher Meloni
Episode 4065
He talks about Cookie Monster's urge to not eat cookies. A Letter of the Day clip is shown.
Julianne Moore
Episode 4066
She talks about how "The People in Your Neighborhood" taught her about the people in her neighborhood. A clip from the original version is shown.
Wendy Wasserstein
Episode 4067
She talks about how The Dance Lady taught her daughter to dance and to love musicals.
Seth Green
Episode 4068
He talks about "Somebody Come and Play" and credits the show as what inspired him to get into acting.
Norah Jones
Episode 4069
She talks about Ernie and Bert's "Here fishy, fishy, fishy!" sketch.
Maria Torres
Episode 4070
She speaks about the diversity on Sesame Street inspiring her as an aspiring dancer and choreographer. A clip of Celia Cruz and Big Bird is shown.
Bill Cosby
Episode 4071
He talks about how Sesame Street convinced him that he should be involved with an entertaining children's educational show.
Jason Kingsley
Episode 4072
He talks about how Sesame Street showed people with all kinds of disabilities. A clip of his favorite song, "Count Me In," is shown.
Harvey Fierstein
Episode 4073
He talks about the importance of Sesame Street showing a "soft, gentle love" to children. A clip from Cookie Monster Alphabet is shown.
Larry King
Episode 4074
He talks about watching Sesame Street with his kids.
Episode 4075
She talks about how she's thankful that Sesame Street is in the world to cheer her up when she's blue. A clip from the song "Dancin' Shoes" is shown.
Dr. Alex Jenny Ky
Episode 4076
She talks about how Sesame Street taught her the alphabet and numbers through friendly characters. A clip from Episode 0406 of the characters holding up letters that introduce their names is shown.
James Earl Jones
Episode 4077
He reminisces about telling Matt Robinson that the monster Muppets would not work because they would terrify children. A clip from "C is for Cookie" is shown. He chuckles, then says "What did I know?"
Jason Biggs
Episode 4078
He talks about the "Pinball Number Count" series.
Maria Greene
Episode 4079
She talks about how Sesame Street teaches about diversity. A clip from the song "Pride" is shown.
Harry Connick Jr.
Episode 4080
He talks about a scene in which all of the characters are sitting on the brownstone steps (episode 3822), and how it represents people from all walks of life, and how it shows that everyone is important and despite our differences we can be friends.
Ruben Studdard
Episode 4081
He talks about Ernie singing "Rubber Duckie."
Newelle J. McDonald
Episode 4082
She notes her most respected moment as when Hooper's Store caught fire.
Dennis Franz
He talks about calling Craig T. Nelson 'Bert' and Nelson calling him 'Ernie'.
Donny Osmond
He says he thought the show was good until he saw his musical hero, Stevie Wonder, perform on the show, which made it great. A clip from "Superstition" is shown.
Kelsey Grammer[1] He talks about Elmo's World.
Martina McBride[1]
Wayne Brady[1]
Amy Brenneman[1]
Natalie Portman[2]

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