Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1983
Format LP
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no. CTW 22103

My Sesame Street Record: All About ME! is a 1983 Sesame Street album consisting of previously released songs, all written by Jeff Moss, with new linking narration from Big Bird, asking questions for the listener.

Track listing

Side One

  1. My Name - David, Susan, Luis and Bob
    from Sesame Street LIVE!
  2. Thirty-Two Cracks in the Sidewalk - Grover
    from The People in Your Neighborhood
  3. Five People in My Family - Anything Muppets
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  4. Breakfast Time - Ernie and Cookie Monster
    from What Time Is It on Sesame Street?
  5. All By Myself - Prairie Dawn
    from Surprise!
  6. Tall Enough - Big Bird
    from For the First Time
  7. Special - Bob
    from Aren't You Glad You're You?

Side Two

  1. I Love Trash - Oscar the Grouch
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  2. Wiggly Tooth - Rocky
    from For the First Time
  3. J Friends - The Sesame Street Kids
    from The Muppet Alphabet Album
  4. Hands - Count von Count
    from Every Body's Record
  5. What Do I Do When I'm Alone? - Grover
    from The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album
  6. Just One Me - Big Bird
    from Numbers!



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