Illustrator Joe Veno
Published 2000
Publisher Berlitz Languages
Series Sesame English
ISBN 2831555000

My Tingo Book 1 is a picture book based on Sesame English, the international Berlitz learning program of Sesame Street. The book includes drawings about a family's day, the house, and trips where you can go with your family. Tingo shows the way around in the kitchen, the garden where people play or spend their leisure time, parts of the house, a trip on the street, the playground, a sports fair, the baby's bedroom, and going to school. In the school you have computer class, music class, and drawing class. Also, Tingo shows you a day at the zoo, along with different animals. And finally a birthday, playing together with friends, a day in the park and at dinner.

The book was printed in Italy, the project directors are Robert Kingsbury and Barbara Levadi, Muppet art by Michael Strouth, cover design by Bil Smith Studio, program design and content by Course Crafters Inc.