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NOS is a Dutch broadcasting foundation that began on May 29th, 1969. The NOS is a public broadcasting established in the Media Act, whose task is to provide the media supply for the national public media service in the fields of news, sports and events which is particularly suitable for joint care. [ 1] She is also legally responsible for a number of radio, television, teletext and internet tasks

The Nederlandse Omroep Stichting ( Dutch Broadcasting Foundation) (NOS) was formed on May 29th, 1969 from the former Dutch Television Foundation (NTS) was founded in 1951 and the Dutch Radio Union (NRU). About seven hundred journalists and other staff take care of the (daily) broadcasts the NOS news (radio and television), the NOS Jeugdjournaal (youth News), NOS Studio Sport, NOS Langs de Lijn (From beside the Line), Met het oog op Morgen (With Eye on Tomorrow), Radio 1 News, NOS 3 and various news and sports events. In addition, NOS provides current information on NOS Teletext and on the Internet via www.nos.nl. The NOS sent a total of 5349 hours of television and 4270 hours of radio in 2015. [2] Besides its own programs, the NOS provides the cooperation and coordination of public service broadcasting on radio and television during disasters and major news events.

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