Logo since 2008

NPS is the abbreviation for Nederlandse Programma Stichting (Dutch Program Foundation), the only institution without members or magazines. They started producing in 1995. NPS was an independent, license-financed public institution. Before 1995 it was part of NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, i.e. Dutch Channel Foundation).

The channel is very (multi) cultural oriented, it informs, and broadcasts a lot of classical music, jazz and dance. Short films and other artistic works are very common.

Sesamstraat is in between a youthblock called Z@ppelin which is broadcast every Monday through Friday.

Since 2008, when the NPS got a new logo, the institution started to change its image. The logo has a moving background of images taken from the program they are about to broadcast. The NPS also wanted to work more in co-operation with existing festivals and cultural feasts. Also, their new goal changed in a clear view on the different aspects of Dutch society.

On September 1, 2010, the NPS merged with Teleac and RVU to NTR.

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