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Bjørnen i det blå huset - nrk super

Bjørnen i det Store Blå Huset on NRK super.

NRK is the abbreviation for Norsk Rikskringkasting (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), the first broadcast company in Norway founded in 1924. They currently have three nationwide television and radio stations, and a small number of Internet radio stations.

In 1991, NRK showed the first episode of Sesam Stasjon, the Norwegian co-production of Sesame Street that ended in 2000.

The channel has also aired FraggleneThe Muppet Show and Dinosaurs. In addition, sister channel "NRK Super", which airs children's programming such as Bjørnen i det Store Blå Huset (Bear in the Big Blue House), Super Gunnar 2.0, Fagerpels Hotell (The Furchester Hotel) , Monstermas and Dinosaurtoget.

NRK's exhibit center in Marienlyst has Alfa on display.

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