Music by Stephen Lawrence
Lyrics by Mark Saltzman
Date 1984
Publisher SJL Music Co.
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 2176

"NTV"[1] is a Sesame Street song parodying the new wave music scene of the 1980s. On the MTV spoofed channel of the same name, host Nora Nicks introduces the newest hit song from Nick Normal and the Nickmatics, referred to in the segment as "The Letter N."

In the song, Nick Normal sings about his Friday afternoon, and the events that happened (featuring black and white flashbacks), which all involve words beginning with "N" (Nothing, Never, and No), eventually leading to a giant letter N appearing at the end of the video.


  • The song features MTV-style captions that refer to "N Records" at the beginning of the music video.
  • The segment was prominently featured in a 1991 episode, in a scene where Maria and Big Bird are watching NTV in the Fix-It Shop.


  1. ASCAP #880254578
Sesame Street N-TV

Sesame Street N-TV