PERFORMER Beccy Henderson puppeteer
  Hannah John-Kamen voice
DEBUT 2016

Naia was the daughter of Maudra Laesid and the next in line to become the leader of the Drenchen Clan. She was the twin sister of Gurjin.

Having realised that Gurjin was being held captive by the Skeksis, Naia set out with Kylan to capture Rian to trade for Gurjin's release. However, Tavra arrived to contest it, and they began to argue, Naia insisting that she had Maudra Laesid's permission until Kylan broke up the fight.

In Print

Naia debuted in 2016's Shadows of the Dark Crystal as the main protagonist of the YA novel series that largely served as a basis for Age of Resistance.

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