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The title card with the Swedish dub


Nalle har ett Stort Blått Hus is the Swedish dub of Bear in the Big Blue House. It was first shown on SVT and have been in re-run regulary on that channel, and have been shown on the Scandinavian version of Disney Channel since the launch of it. It should be noted that, in the theme, the characters actually sing the title of the show.

Translations and Voices

English Name Swedish Name Swedish Voice Actor
Bear Nalle Joakim Jennefors
Tutter Totte Peter Sjöquist
Ojo Jujja Annika Rynger
Treelo Trixe Bjarne Lundgren
Pip Flipp Linus Wahlgren
Pop Flopp Måns Eriksson
Luna Luna Annelie Berg
Shadow Skuggan Vicki Benckert
Doc Hogg Dr. Pratgris Andreas Nilsson
Ray Fader Sol Andreas Nilsson

Additional Voices

  • Jasmine Heikura
  • Sebastian Paulsson
  • Gunnar Ernblad
  • Mikaela Ardai Jennefors (uncredited)
  • Amanda Jennefors (uncredited)
  • Norea Sjöquist (uncredited)
  • Simon Sjöquist (uncredited)
  • Zac Bladh (uncredited)

Additional Credits

  • Translation: Vicki Benckert and Gunnar Ernblad
  • Producer: Lasse Svensson
  • Project Leader: Annika Rynger
  • Studio: Eurotroll AB
  • Sound engineer: Patrik Ström, Bjarne Lundgren, Måns Eriksson, Jörn Saver
  • Sound Mix: Måns Eriksson