Written by Jerry Juhl
Date 1972

"Name the Animal" is a Sesame Street skit in which Ernie sends Grover out of the room, while Ernie and company decide on what animal they'll pretend to be; when Grover reenters the room, he has to guess what animal the others are imitating. The first time, everybody pretends to be pigs; Grover makes several wild guesses - mosquitoes, and ultimately cows - none of them correct. The second time, Ernie and the others pretend to be cats; Grover makes three guesses (bumblebees, rabbits, and finally cows again), all of which are far wrong. The third time, since Grover is evidently not very good at this game, Ernie and company decide to make it easy for pretending they're cows. Grover, however, guesses that they're caterpillars! When Ernie tells him what the correct answer was, Grover responds: "You call those cows...? THESE are cows!" With that, Grover lets an entire herd of real cows in through the door. They stampede through the room and out the other door, for a party that Cookie Monster is giving (Grover's cows are supplying milk to chase all those cookies).

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