Natalie Neptune, the Sesame answer to Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is the title and protagonist of a long-running series of juvenile detective books, created by the Stratemeyer syndicate in 1930 as a counterpart to the Hardy Boys. Nancy Drew is a teenage girl who solves mysteries in her small town and elsewhere, and the pseudonym used by the book's many and varied ghostwriters was Carolyn Keene. Over 170 books have been published to date.

Nancy Drew has been adapted to other media including film (beginning in 1938), television (including sharing billing with the Hardys on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries), and video games (with a long-running PC series produced by Her Interactive).


  • The Sesame Street special When You Wish Upon a Pickle features Natalie Neptune, star of The Natalie Neptune Mysteries book series read by Abby Cadabby. She appears in person (thanks to Abby's wish) to help solve the mystery. The Natalie Neptune book cover is blue, used for the original Hardy Boys books, rather than the yellow traditionally associated with Nancy Drew.


  • George Buza played a waiter in the Nancy Drew episode "Asylum" (1995)
  • James Frawley directed Nancy Drew (TV movie/pilot, 2002)
  • Nicholas Hammond played Lt. Douglas Burke in The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries episode "The Lady on Thursday at Ten" (1978)
  • Jenny O'Hara played Hannah Green in Nancy Drew (TV movie, 2002)
  • Laura Phillips developed the 1995 Nancy Drew series for television and wrote six episodes
  • William Schallert played Carson Drew on The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV, 1977-1978)
  • Sugith Varughese played Dr. Jayan Kartha in "Welcome to the Callisto" and "Exile" (both 1995)
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