DEBUT 2006

Nani Bird appears in Sesame Beginnings as Baby Big Bird's aunt. When we first meet her in Beginning Together, Granny Bird has dropped her grandson off with his aunt. Nani likes to call her nephew Manu Nui, which translated from several Polynesian languages, means "great bird" or "big bird."

Her design, slightly altered, is based on the Madame Chairbird puppet from Follow That Bird.

Book appearances

Sesame Workshop press release

Nani Bird (Big Bird's Aunt) is very warm and caring toward Baby Big Bird. She has a down to earth and motherly spirit. Her Hawaiian heritage comes out when she sings to her little nui manu (big bird in Hawaiian). She's full of worldly wisdom and is always playful with Big Bird. Nani Bird gently fosters Baby Big Bird's natural curiosity through music as they explore the world together.