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PERFORMER Barbara Billingsley
DEBUT 1984

Nanny is the kindly woman who takes care of the nursery on Muppet Babies. She is the mother of Miss Nanny, caretaker of the Muppet Babies in the 2018 series.

Nanny is always seen from the babies' perspective, so the audience never sees her face. The most frequent view of her is her legs, clad in green and white striped stockings beneath a pink dress, and her purple sneakers with red laces. On occasion, her almost full body was also displayed, including her arms and her purple sweater, but always cut off at the shoulders or otherwise obscured.

Nanny has a sister known to the Babies as Aunt Fanny, who sometimes helps to take care of the Babies.

Nanny's existence is not limited to the animated Muppet Babies world. A framed embroidery of her can be seen decorating the wall of Baby Piggy, Baby Fozzie and Baby Gonzo as Wee Willie Winkie (in the guise of Baby Kermit) peers into their window in Muppet Babies' Classic Nursery Rhymes.


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