Archive footage of the Apollo 11 mission with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon as shown on Sesame Street in 1998.

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Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) was an astronaut, engineer, and pilot best remembered as the first person to set foot on the moon. He has been referenced by the Muppets on several occasions. His famous line upon landing was, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."


  • The script for Sesame Street Episode 1364 refers to the first street scene hailing the arrival of C-3PO and R2-D2 as "One Small Step for a Droid".
  • When Slimey made his first attempt to get to the moon in Sesame Street Episode 1713, Oscar called it "one small step for worm, one large step for wormkind."
  • Oscar's own attempt to reach space was more successful in Episode 1714, marking the occasion "one small step by grouch, one giant step for grouchkind."
  • Although Slimey had already been to the moon, his feat of piloting a balloon in Episode 2889 was hailed by Oscar as "one small step for a worm, one big wiggle for wormkind."
  • After a lamb made an attempt to go to the moon in Sesame Street Episode 2980, it lands on a mailbox instead: "one small step for lamb, one giant leap for lambkind."
  • The script for the third street scene from Sesame Street Episode 3265 calls Joey and Davey Monkey's attempt to land a banana on the moon, "One Small Step for Bananas."
  • Although several astronauts are shown in archive footage in Things That Fly, Armstrong is mentioned by name when Lindy responds to Commander Slick Space Guy's reference to the significant achievement of the first landing on the moon.
  • The 1999 rerun of Episode 3740 features a Star Wars-esque introduction in which Baby Bear describes Slimey's journey to the moon as "one small wiggle for a worm and one giant squiggle for worm-kind."
  • When Danvers comes to school dressed in an astronaut costume in Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet, his best friend Pasquale states that after his previous bad day, "going to school dressed as Neil Armstrong isn't the best option."
  • In a video posted to social media during the NASA Tweetup for Space Shuttle Discovery’s final launch, Elmo paraphrased Armstrong while inside the vehicle, "One small step for Elmo, one giant leap for monsterkind."
  • While browsing the airband when piloting a plane in the Muppet Babies episode "Animal Fly Airplane", Summer Penguin briefly tunes to a frequency in which a man states, "That's one small step for Muppets..." before changing the channel.
  • To celebrate the 40th anniversary of NASA's first selection of female astronauts, Sesame Street’s Facebook page posted an image of Rosita wearing a space suit on January 16, 2018. The image is actually a manipulated photo of Neil Armstrong during the Gemini VIII mission in May of 1965. NASA's Johnson Space Center shared the post from their Facebook account. "Thank you to these incredible women for continuing to serve as great role models for girls and boys everywhere to dream BIG and reach for the stars! 💫"
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