Miss Piggy bares much in a pin-up poster (historically displaying sex symbols) from her 1983 calendar.




Animal magnet.


Goggles' pantsless behind.


A pirate squirrel shows off his "booty".

Nether regions is a term used euphemistically for someone's genitals and/or buttocks. The Muppets have made several jokes about their nether regions over the years, often stemmed from the fact that they generally don't have them. While many Muppet characters appear naked (fully or partially), references to unmentionables are often sexual in nature, or refer to this area in a sexualized context.

The majority of these types of jokes in popular culture are geared toward the male anatomy; one famous example coined by Mae West, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?" Most instances of the Muppets making these types of jokes fall into a similar indirect delivery.

Male anatomy

  • When Kermit appeared on her show in November 1975, Cher asks him if he has a belly button. Kermit looks down and says, "there's a lot of stuff I don't have, actually."
  • An officially licensed magnet was produced featured Animal removing his pants with the caption "Wanna see why they call him Animal?," thus implying he is well endowed.
  • Later in the movie, while fighting pirates in an epic battle, Benjamina delivers a swift kick to the crotch of one pirate as the camera centers on the area.
  • During Elmo's appearance on German show TV Total on October 5, 2015, the character was asked whether he was a boy or a girl, to which the monster looked between his legs and answered, puzzled: "There's so much fur... but... generally... well... I think I'm a boy. Right?" then asking host Stefan Raab "What would you say? What are you?" Raab responds, "Yeah, I'd say a boy. 'Cause women aren't that hairy in general..." Elmo agrees, saying, "Not the ones that I know. Not that I know the circles you're in..."

Female anatomy

  • The plot of The Muppets episode "A Tail of Two Piggies" largely revolves around Miss Piggy's tail popping out of her dress in front of the press. Initially played for laughs, the situation becomes an opportunity for body positivity, turning what was once branded as a shameful experience into a moment of empowerment. The device draws similarities to modern culture's struggle with what parts of a person's body (overwhelmingly applied to women) are appropriate to bare in public. In this case, Piggy's species provides the twist of applying the controversy to a unique part of her posterior nether regions.
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  • Seymour is disappointed that 20px-Prince_symbol.svg.png has decided to change his look in Muppets Tonight episode 201 because he ruined an expensive pair of leather pants by cutting holes in them. "Assless chaps" were a known sexualized garb worn by the artist for his concert performances. In a blooper during the episode's credits, Pepe kisses Seymour's bare buttocks through the pant's holes.
  • Blotch insults Kermit, Croaker and Goggles in Kermit's Swamp Years, calling them the "Soggy Pants Brothers." Goggles asserts that they don't even wear pants and flashes his bare bottom, which only infuriates Blotch further.
  • Sesame Street Episode 4425 shows Bert acting in a movie helmed by Ernie. As they shoot a pirate scene, they uncover a treasure chest. Inside is a squirrel, who shakes his tail to show off his "booty" (a play on both a term for buttocks and the term for pirate treasure).

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