Written by Ellen Weiss
Illustrator Joel Schick
Published 1992
Publisher Grolier
Series Values to Grow On
ISBN 0717282880

New in Town is a 1992 Muppet Kids storybook featuring Bean Bunny.

In his old neighborhood, Bean Bunny was a gregarious, noisy child -- but when he and his mother move to the Muppet Kids' neighborhood, he experiences crippling "shyness attacks" that make him cringe away from even the simplest kind word from a stranger. He spends weeks without speaking to another person, just sitting in his room every day after school.

One day in October, Bean is caught in a sudden rainstorm, and he takes refuge in a dark shed finding Kermit and Fozzie hiding in the shed for shelter as well. Together they become friends, introducing Bean to the other kids at school, and making him feel relaxed and at home.

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