Written by Christopher Cerf
Publisher Splotched Animal Music

"Ninety Nine Bats (In My Car Today)" is sung by Count von Count to a flustered Prairie Dawn about the bats flying out of his car. It's a diminishing song in the manner of "99 Bottles of Beer."

The song is reprised later on in the album as "Forty Three Bats (In My Car Today)" and "One Last Bat (In My Car Today)." Prairie Dawn is relieved when the song ends, until the Count starts singing the song again, this time with bats flying into his car.

The song appears in the video Elmo's Travel Songs and Games on the car radio. Elmo, Abby and Louie sing along, until they realize the song could take awhile to finish. They turn it on and off through the second half of the video and finally finishes at the video's end.


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