Danvers Blickensderfer's En Hommage à Gran Gonzo.

A ninja was a mercenary or agent operating in feudal Japan (1185–1333). Using covert methods, the function of a ninja was to engage in acts of espionage typically seen as dishonorable and beneath that of the samurai. Their tactics have slipped into legend and their depiction has often been exaggerated in modern media.


  • Sam the Eagle acknowledges the viewer's steady stream of YouTube videos involving ninjas (and other things) to present a rendition of "American Woman".
  • When the Muppets conspire to kidnap Jack Black in The Muppets, they dress as ninjas to conceal their activities.
  • Danvers Blickensderfer auditions for the Ice Festival in Tales of a Sixth-Grade Muppet with a tribute to Gonzo. His scenario involves filling a "moon bounce" with ninjas who gyrate with razor-laced hula hoops. Additional ninjas also appear in various doodles from Danvers throughout the book.
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