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Celebrity Name Game

Game show (2014-2017) pairing teams of two with a celebrity. Each member is given clues to a different celebrity, and has to guess the celebrity's name.

  • On the episode of October 24th, 2014, the headline was "Cookie Monster ate all my cookies!" The subject was "Guest Stars on Sesame Street."

The Illegal Eater

  • Singer Steven Page, formerly of The Barenaked Ladies, tours North America for food at unlicensed restaurants. In the episode "Super Underground & Cobra" (Nov. 5, 2013), Page visits the Ottawa club Cobra and after dinner is served pieces of a cake shaped like a parody of Elmo. His eyes are blurred out.

The Masked Singer UK

Singing competition with mystery celebrities in elaborate costumes.

  • In the sixth episode (February 1, 2020), the "Spy Cam" goes into the Monster's "dressing room" to find a call from "Kermit T. Frog." It is later revealed that Cee Lo Green was the Monster, and the call was a reference to his performing of "All I Need is Love" with the Muppets.

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Long-running comedy panel game show focused on music that ran on BBC Two from 1996 to 2015.

  • In series 24, episode 12 (aired January 3, 2011), regular team captain Noel Fielding comments to comparatively tame guest panelist Michelle Williams, "It is cool hanging out with you, it's like being in an episode of Fraggle Rock," before saying in a high-pitched Muppety voice, "Hey, Noel, put down the crackpipe, life's great, everyone!"
  • Bill Bailey was a regular team captain from 2002 to 2008.

Press Your Luck

  • On the June 12, 2019 episode of the game show reboot, host Elizabeth Banks asked the question, "According to rapper Waka Flocka Flame, his name was inspired by which Muppet character's catchphrase?" The choices were Fozzie Bear, Gonzo, or Miss Piggy.
  • Sandy Fox appeared three times as a contestant on the 2003 reboot Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck


Reality series (2004-2011), no relation to the character Super Nanny.

  • In the sixth episode of the first season "The Bailey Family" (February 28, 2005), father Bill Bailey and his 2-year-old son Billy Bailey read an Elmo's World book about food during bedtime.


Competitive show (2008-2014) involving aquatic obstacles.

  • In the first episode of the fifth season, "Deck The Balls" (a Christmas-themed episode, aired December 8, 2011), one of the contestants imitated Elmo throughout her runs, earning her the nickname "Tickle Me." Earlier in the episode, new co-host Vanessa Lachey indicated that she thought host John Henson's father "invented the Muppets, right?" (Henson, unrelated to Jim Henson and not to be confused with his actual son John Henson, replied "Uh, no.")
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