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Norbert the Robot
PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson
DEBUT 2017

Norbert the Robot is an automaton who works at Hooper's Store, first appearing in Sesame Street Episode 4709.

Some of his abilities include maintaining a database on Sesame Street residents to determine their favorite smoothie flavors, emitting still image holograms, enhanced visual scanning (especially for periwinkle crayons), and playing music.

He later appears in Episode 5120, providing his solar oven as a substitute for the broken appliance in Hooper's Store, and Episode 5201, where his friends build him a robot dog. He and his dog appeared again in Episode 5309 and 5418.

The puppet is repurposed from the robot used as Rico, Memorybot, and others, with differently-placed lights and LEDs and a more-defined lower jaw.