Noberto Kerner

Norberto Kerner with co-star on the TV series The Equalizer.

Norberto Kerner (1929-1999) was a Chilean-born character actor whose career was spent primarily in New York City. He played Mr. Ortiz, a recurring guest character in multiple Sesame Street episodes: two in 1978, a 1981 episode and a few in the 1982-1983 season. In 1979, he also supplied the voice of Osvaldo, el Gruñón in episode 1316.[1]

Kerner played in Broadway productions My Old Friends (1979) and Chronicle of a Death Foretold (1995), originating the role of Xius, a widower. Off-Broadway, his credits include Don Juan of Seville (1989), and La Carreta (The Oxcart, 1992); of the latter, The New York Times praised Kerner for his performance "as a grandfather who embodies the values [playwright] Marques cherished most."[2]

On television, his work ranged from appearances on early TV shows like One Step Beyond (1959) to 1970s and 80s action series, including Miami Vice and multiple episodes of Kojak and The Equalizer.

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