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Written by Tony Geiss and Emily Perl Kingsley
Date 2004
Publisher Ephemeral Music Co.
Sesame Street Inc.

"Number of the Day Waltz" is a Sesame Street song used in the Number of the Day segments starting in season 36.

In each segment, Count von Count and the Countess share a table in the ballroom of the Count's castle. To find out what the Number of the Day is, the Count sings the song, which counts up from 1 to 20. The Countess loudly calls for him to stop when the number has been reached, rattling the whole ballroom and causing the waiter to topple over with his dishes in various fashions.

Ten segments were produced, going from 11 to 20. Each segment uses mainly the same footage, changing only the Count's declaration of the number and the waiter's mishaps when it's reached.


  • The segment and its minor variations were taped on December 3, 2004, and were directed by Jim Martin.[1]
  • The Orange Gold violinist is intended to resemble noted violinist AndrΓ© Rieu.[1]
  • When the Count cues the musicians to play, he says "Hit it, Mike!", referencing the then-music director Mike Renzi.

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