Written by Ringo Starr
Date 1968

"Octopus' Garden," one of the few Beatles songs written by Ringo Starr, has been covered by the Muppets several times.

It was first performed by two Anything Muppets in Sesame Street Episode 0019. In this version, a green Anything Muppet sang lead vocals with a blue fish singing bass backup and a yodeling clam. The segment taught children how to count to eight.

The song was sung again on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1970 where an octopus constantly interrupted the performance with a bunch of bad puns (and who got his comeuppance from a gigantic, hungry clam). A clip from the animated Beatles film, Yellow Submarine, is used in the sketch.

The song was performed again by Robin the Frog, Kermit the Frog, and Miss Piggy on episode 312 of The Muppet Show.


Sesame Street version
Ed Sullivan Show version
  • Jim Henson - Diver
  • Frank Oz - Octopus and Giant Clam
  • Jerry Nelson - Clam


  • The clam puppet that appears in the Ed Sullivan and Sesame Street versions are the same, but with different eyes.
  • The Sesamstrasse dub of the Sesame Street version credits the singer as Kermit instead of the Green Anything Muppet it actually is.


Audio (Sesame Street version)
Video (The Muppet Show version)
Video (Ed Sullivan show version)

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