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Release Date 2012
Produced by Warner Home Video
Catalogue no. SS00266
Format DVD
Discs 2
Region 1

Back of DVD Slip Case

Fold-Out from Bonus Booklet

Title card used in place of the edited theme song

Old School: Volume 3 is a Sesame Street DVD released on November 6, 2012. Following two previous volumes which included the season premieres from seasons one to ten (1969 to 1979), this box set includes the season premieres from seasons eleven through fifteen (1979 to 1984). Bonus features include "classic cuts" from the 1979 to 1984 seasons plus behind-the-scenes footage.


β€œBack by popular demand, it's our third installment in the Old School series, covering 1979-1984. In this set you'll see your Sesame Street friends on and off the Street! Remember when everyone surprised Maria in Puerto Rico for her birthday? Or when Snuffy and Gordon ran the New York City marathon? Bonus DVD extras like never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage will prove that we're still kicking it old school!”

DVD Features

Disc 1

Disc 2


All the episodes are presented without the Sesame Street opening and closing credits.

  • Episode 1316
    • The theme song during the opening travel montage is replaced with a different instrumental track.
  • Episode 1446
  • Episode 1576
    • "I Want to Count" is cut and replaced with "Honk Around the Clock."
    • The organ instrumental of the "Sesame Street Theme" used in the third scene is replaced with a new instrumental track.
  • Episode 1706
    • The "Two Farmers" cartoon is replaced with a different cartoon, "Subtracting Three Mules."
    • The "Two Giraffes" cartoon is replaced by a Christopher Clumsy cartoon.
    • The music during the bus ride is changed to a different instrumental track.
  • Episode 1836


  • "Henson Ball #3," which is listed here as being from season 15, actually debuted in season 2 (and the segment itself appeared on the previous volume as a "season 6 classic cut", featuring the re-filmed ending made during the season).
  • The booklet mentions that Polly Darton debuted in season 13, even though one segment featuring Polly is included under "season 12 classic cuts".
  • A portion of the behind-the-scenes footage from Episode 1576 (the rollerskating scene) previously appeared on 40 Years of Sunny Days.
  • The Cookie Monster and Kermit segment is listed as being from season 12, but it actually debuted in a season 11 episode.
  • The "Happy / Sad" segment from Episode 1706 has applause added.

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